What type of business you should put money in 2024

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The home delivery sector is experiencing exponential and dizzying growth throughout Europe. Especially food delivery, i.e. the delivery of meals and drinks at home, is proving to be able to produce really interesting turnovers with a minimum initial investment for the entrepreneur.

Recycling and Ecology

In a consumerist world like ours, it can be said that we are living in the disposable era, producing a worrying amount of waste of all kinds. In this case, not only a solution arises from a problem but also an entrepreneurial activity with excellent earnings and growth prospects linked to recycling and waste disposal but also to the use of renewable energies and ecological solutions.

Private Post Offices and Multiservice Agencies

For the past 20 years, the postal services sector has been making headlines. After the liberalization of the sector there was the birth of this new business which immediately had a great flare. In the early years, dozens of franchise networks were born. After the initial boom, a phase of descent always follows, which in this case was slight as the sector remained at the center of the country’s economic life mainly due to the ever-increasing need to send and receive parcels and then also due to the integration of the years of more and more services such as payment services and services connected to logistics, which have made these private postal agencies become real multiservice agencies. The sector therefore continues to grow despite the covid, indeed perhaps it has also partially benefited from it.

Cannabis supplements

The cannabis sector is highly dynamic and full of new business ideas, as well as one of the markets with the highest growth rates in recent years in Italy. An interesting business idea to open a business in the world of legal cannabis is to open a business focused on supplements for well-being and health, designed for both humans and animals, perhaps supported by cosmetic and therapeutic products of CBD and cannabis.

 Online Stores

The online sales sector has been growing for several years now, thanks to the change in the purchasing habits of consumers who are increasingly turning to the web and online for their needs. However, opening an online store means entering an ultra-competitive market in which to be successful you need an attractive format, quality products, effective pricing and promotion strategies, a high-performance and easy-to-navigate e-commerce (website / APP), as well as targeted communication and marketing strategies, as well as an efficient logistics and customer assistance system. You can further promote your online store by making a tik tok account which is a pretty popular platform. You will surely need a short video domination strategy on TikTok, but it can be easily dealt with if you have passion. Surely the franchise is an excellent tool to simplify and streamline the start-up and management of the business. Many networks also operate with the advantageous system of DROPSHIPPING, allowing you to start the business with a limited budget.

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