What type of barbecue to choose?

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We are in the middle of the grilling season, you want to invest in a barbecue but you do not know which type of barbecue to choose? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each barbecue below to make your choice easier!

The charcoal barbecue

The charcoal barbecue is the one that will give the most flavor to food! It can be fixed which brings a touch of authenticity and aesthetics but you have to have the space and the budget to build it. There is also a mobile solution with wheels, so you can move it easily. The third type is the barbecue of your choice is transportable, the latter is the smallest. Perfect for small group barbecues and easy to move. Even if the forest lump charcoal is the most used. In addition, you must know how to be patient regarding the lighting of the fire!

The electric barbecue

Less bulky and easy to move, the electric barbecue is the most practical for those who have less space. However, it takes longer for the temperature to rise and your meat will not taste the same as when it is cooked on a charcoal barbecue. Remember that since the electric barbecue is smaller, you will have less room to cook your food. If this aspect does not bother you, this type of barbecue should be chosen!

The gas barbecue

The gas barbecue is easier to use, the ignition is much faster as the temperature rise. In addition, you have the possibility to choose the cooking temperature which makes it versatile.

On the other hand, the gas barbecue is the most bulky of the three, it is also necessary to remember to maintain it and to be careful when handling the gas cylinders.

What type of barbecue to choose?

When you are lucky enough to have a barbecue that closes with a lid, you can practice what is called stewing. That is to say that the smoke is “recycled” to be used for cooking, giving a unique and traditional taste to your grills. This has been particularly democratized by the famous brand of WEBER barbecues.

What are the advantages of stewing?

  • Steamed meat is more tender than with conventional cooking
  • There is less risk of finding carcinogenic substances in your grills since the meat is less charred than with conventional cooking
  • You have the choice between direct cooking on the grill and indirect cooking in a special container

Direct cooking with stew

As its name suggests, the grills are cooked directly on the usual grill of your barbecue. Your food will be cooked evenly without being dry.

Indirect stewing

Usually cooking lasts 20 minutes. This is an ideal method for cooking large pieces of meat. It is also recommended for poultry meat and fish, which are foods that dry out quickly. Indirect cooking is done differently depending on your type of barbecue.

Indirect cooking with a gas barbecue: Turn off your central burner while cooking and leave the side burners on, cooking will be slower and much better!

Indirect cooking with a charcoal barbecue: Arrange your briquettes well on each side of your tank and on the hearth grid.

Indirect cooking with an electric barbecue: You must reduce your heating temperature to a minimum so that it circulates as if it were a fan-assisted oven.

What are the best practices and tips for stewing on the barbecue?

Make sure you clean your barbecue well before and after each cooking. Wipe your barbecue with a damp cloth and do not hesitate to put a little oil on your grill to prevent the meat from sticking to it during cooking. Remember to put a container with a little water to collect the grease while avoiding the formation of flames. This will also prevent your food from drying out.Preheat your barbecue about fifteen minutes before starting to cook your grills

Hope this article will make you want to try stewing for your family or friends! Do not hesitate to browse our blog to learn how to better build, beautify and maintain your garden.