What to Include on Your QR Code Landing Page

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By James Smith

Businesses worldwide and in different industries use landing pages to create new clients. A landing page design involves similar elements, but each page needs uniqueness for the specific services or products sold. A great way to improve traffic to your landing page and make it stand out is using a QR code business card. Here’s a list of what you can do for your QR code landing page:

Write Captivating Content

Develop compelling content targeting your potential audience for the page. The content should be crisp, clear, and straight to the point for users to understand your intent once they assess your page. This practice can help you build brand recognition, increase traffic to your landing page, and get more leads efficiently.

A QR code solution can help you update and edit the content on your landing page. You can use it to store different information to direct your customers’ attention to it. You can link different information such as PDFs, videos, apps, event registration details, etc.

Cover Mobile and Desktop

Whether your target audience uses desktop or mobile devices, you may have to design your landing pages differently. Optimizing your landing page for display on all devices can help you not to lose any potential customers. QR codes solve mobile and desktop problems because they can be used for both devices.

If you want to test your landing page for both desktop and mobile, your goal can be to achieve more mobile views. Including a QR code enables desktop users to scan it and still access the content on their mobile without having to switch devices.

Include Social Media Links

Your landing page can get a lot of traffic from your target audience. Using social media links can help to increase social media engagement. A QR code business card can help you display your social media profiles.

Users just need to scan the business card to discover different ways to follow you. These codes can save them from incorrectly typing in your social media account as it includes all your social marketing profiles on one page.

Add a Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) shows the goal of the landing page. Your CTA can encourage users to watch a video, purchase a product, or sign up for a specific service you offer. If a client completes the action or scans the provided QR code, the goal would be to redirect them with other marketing methods, such as social media or email marketing, to convince them to purchase something. If they already made a purchase, the goal can be to keep them interested.

The CTA should be placed on the landing page in an easily accessible, clear area. A good QR code for business cards should include a call to action. Including this on your landing page can help your CTA stand out.

Provide High-quality Logos and Imagery

Your landing page should have high-quality brand logos and imagery. The images you choose will reflect your brand quality and help clients associate a particular message in line with your brand. Use the best images that support the tone and copy you’re using. You can display your logo on the landing page as well.

Color and typography are also factors that can greatly impact the readability of your content. Typography helps visitors clearly see and read certain sections. If you use fonts or colors that are hard to see, this may be a deterrent for potential customers.

Use color to group various information topics to establish a hierarchy. A QR code solution can make it easy to put your logo at the center. Choose custom frames and add brand colors for every feature to fit well within your landing page design.

Choose the Best QR Code Business Card Solution

The best QR code business card ordering solution should let you manage your business card designs. A solution with file upload capabilities and HR integrations can help you automate QR code business cards for your team. The software you choose should provide an easy and fast process for ordering affordable and beautiful cards for your team. Create a compelling landing page so that when you distribute your QR code cards, readers and customers will be interested in learning more about your business.