What to give for the inauguration of a new home?

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The home is our place of the heart: we take care of it and make sure it is always welcoming and comfortable. It is not simply the place to live day after day, but also the direct expression of the tastes and passions of those who live there. That is why it is important to choose carefully the gift for a new home.

Before deciding, we recommend that you find out about the shades and lines chosen for the furniture. For example, for an apartment in a modern style, minimalist or designer accessories will be perfect. In the case of an industrial loft, on the other hand, it focuses on elements in aged wood and black painted iron. The gift idea for the home obviously depends on who lives there: single or family? With or without children? Discover our tips and play it safe.

Gift ideas for a couple’s home

For a young couple, at the first experience of a life together, you are really spoiled for choice. Focus on useful gift items for home decoration, such as towels and sheet sets: they are never enough, especially when starting from scratch! If they are passionate about cooking, they will also appreciate all those little accessories to explore new recipes and have fun together in the stove. Food containers, serving plates, sets of knives and bowls are always welcome, but don’t forget also a set of glasses to toast the new home.

Gift ideas for the parents’ home

Did your parents decide to move in? Surprise them with something truly original. They will already have almost everything in their new home, including lifelong memories, but there is always room for a little or big news. In this case, decorative objects can make a difference, such as a new mirror, which they can hang at the entrance, or a wall decoration. If you want to go classic, choose an indoor plant and combine it with an elegant plant pot, for a touch of green.

Gift ideas for the home of brothers, sisters and friends

Fun gift ideas are needed for the single celebrating entering their new studio apartment and for the brother or sister studying away from home. Choose some light garlands or neon lettering, which will look great at their home parties. And then you can not miss colored glasses, the beloved tea and coffee cups, perfect for long nights of study or for marathons in front of the latest TV series, or scented candles and diffusers.

Design gifts that last over time

For those who are always looking for the best, the most brilliant gift idea for the home is certainly one of design. Especially in modern homes, where every piece of furniture and accessory is selected with care and attention, elements that stand out immediately are needed. For a person or a couple attentive to the latest interior design trends, choose an iconic piece, made to remain eternal over time, such as an arc floor lamp with a large lampshade and a metal structure.

If you are looking for a small gift idea, without giving up the scenographic effect, we recommend a design table lamp in an original form. Alternatively, choose eye-catching decorative items, preferably in precious materials such as marble, or a crystal or porcelain vase.