What the coming day has in store for us – August 12

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Moon in Taurus. Solve any financial issues

Many people talk and write about the influence of the Moon on our planet and everything that happens on it. Only the dependence of the ebb and flow of the night celestial body is not questioned, all other statements are considered controversial. The influence of the Earth’s satellite on our state and mood, on everything that happens to Mother Nature – from the time of the beginning of flowering of fruit trees to tsunamis, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions, remains a mystery covered in darkness. And since everything mysterious always attracts and worries, many people strive to prove that everything good and bad in our life is invariably associated with the phases of the moon.

What is the queen of the night on August 12 preparing for us?

The day is expected to be fairly flat. The moon is in Taurus, and I call this sign golden for a reason. Solve any financial issues, plan profitable business, work to strengthen your financial position. The day is favorable for making big and serious purchases. Try to keep your internal balance, get rid of the fuss – it will only interfere, taking away energy, do not fall for adventurous offers and provocations, do not respond to aggression. On this day, you can easily make peace with those with whom you have been in a quarrel for a long time, put things in order in your thoughts, chat with friends. Wednesday is good for both mental and physical work.

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Accept this day with gratitude, whatever it may be for you!

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