What not to do on January 24, Fedoseev Day

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On the coming Sunday, January 24, the Orthodox Church commemorates Saint Theodosius. Our ancestors believed that on this day, evil spirits were conjuring in the street. She was feared and feared. What cannot be done on Fedoseev Day?

On January 24, the Christian church honors the memory of the last emperor of Rome – Theodosius the Great, who lived at the end of the 5th century. He is considered a saint for the fact that at the legislative level he banned polytheism, as well as pagan cults and sacrifices. In Orthodoxy, the name Theodosius is, in addition, a few more early Christian martyrs who suffered for the faith. Among them are the Monk Theodosius Kinoviarch and Theodosius of Atioch, as well as the martyr Theodosius of Sirmir.

The Russian people noticed that this day, as a rule, was very cold. This served as the basis for the birth of a belief. Among themselves, our ancestors said that on Fedoseev Day, evil spirits are raging on the street, driven out of their homes during Christmas time. She has nowhere to go and nothing to do, so she conjures frosts to harm people.

Severe frosts on this day promised prolonged cold weather and not an early arrival of spring

That is why on this day you cannot:

– scolding and swearing (it was believed that this could attract evil spirits);

– open the doors to the house wide;

– lie and hypocrite.

From the frost on January 24, our great-great-grandmothers and grandfathers expected trouble. On this day, it was supposed, going out into the street, to make the sign of the cross. There were even several sayings on this occasion. For example: “Frost is thin, prepares cold“, And also this -“The man is beyond the threshold, and the frost is across him“.

It was considered a bad idea to open the door wide to the house on this day. Evil spirits could enter the dwelling

By the way, folk signs were also associated with frosts on Fedoseev Day. If the weather on January 24 outside the window is colder than usual, it was said that the cold weather would stand for a long time, but an unexpected thaw, on the contrary, promised early spring. However, too fine a warm day, according to popular beliefs, did not bode well for anything too good. It is not for nothing that the people said: “Fear the January spring – thin winter is hardy“; “The warm days of January are not good“.

Congratulations on January 24 should be:

Vitaly, Vladimir, Joseph, Mikhail, Nikolai, Stepan, Terenty, Fedor, Theodosius.

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