What Makes A Great Suspension Kit: Suspension Kit Break Down

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Customization is one of the best parts of owning a Jeep. Whether you have a Wrangler, Rubicon, or the classic Grand Cherokee, you might view your vehicle as many Jeepers do — like a blank slate. With the right accessories and modifications, you can turn it into the off-roading monster it was meant to be. One of the most popular accessories for optimizing off-road performance is an aftermarket suspension kit. Suspension kits typically include customized coil springs, brackets, shocks, and other parts that are used to modify the suspension of your Jeep. Selections like the Fox Racing lift kit include shocks that are specially designed to offer more control over your ride.

Fine Tuning & Adjustability

The greatest benefit offered by a suspension kit is the adjustability users can enjoy. Customizing your suspension is all about fine tuning your ride to your exact specifications and creating an experience that meets your needs. When you choose an option like the King suspension kit, you can expect a beefed-up Jeep that’s just as sturdy as it is smooth. These shocks are thoroughly tested to ensure they can meet the demands of off-road driving. Modifications like this give you the ability to craft the perfect off-road vehicle, complete with a suspension that’s designed to safely handle unpaved areas.

The adjustment of your suspension plays a major role in how your Jeep handles in both on- and off-road terrain. A suspension that is tuned to provide a stiff feel, for example, may make it easier to handle your car when it’s tackling challenging tundra. Many drivers also say that it minimizes the vehicle’s body roll when you turn a sharp corner. If you prefer a suspension that’s tuned to feel softer, however, you might enjoy the strong grip it provides to wheels as well as the overall improvement in comfort it offers to the car’s passengers. No matter how you prefer your suspension to be tuned, you can enjoy complete customization by investing in a kit.

Proven Performance

Every modification you do serves your pursuit of performance — you want your Jeep to be as tough as the terrain it traverses. Upgrading your suspension kit is one way to quickly boost performance, but there are a few other tricks you can try, too. Another surefire way to improve your Jeep is to invest in some new wheels and tires. Opting for 37” tires can be a major upgrade over tires with a standard diameter of 33”. In addition to the extra protection for your Jeep’s undercarriage, bigger tires offer better handling during rough and tumble rides.

Off-road enthusiasts should know, however, that bigger tires may contribute to reduced resistance to body roll and lower gas mileage. Still, the performance improvement, off-roading ability, and louder sounds make this a favorite upgrade for many Jeep enthusiasts. If you want to find the right kind of aftermarket tires, just be sure to look for selections that offer a heavy-duty tread along with resistance to punctures, cuts, and chips.

Invest in the customizations that will make your Jeep stand out from the rest.