What Maia Sandu said about the abolition of the “billion law”

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President-elect Maia Sandu actively supported the repeal of the Billion Act. During the broadcast on the Jurnal TV channel on September 26, 2019, Sandu, as prime minister, promised to annul this law, which entrusted taxpayers with the refund.

“We are working on it, during my trip to Washington we discussed this issue, and I hope that in a month or two we will be able to report what we tried to do. I hope that we will be able to restructure and save hundreds of millions of lei a year, ”said Maia Sandu.

Let’s remind that on Wednesday the parliament voted in two readings to abolish the “law on a billion”. The PSRM initiative is designed to remove an additional tax burden from citizens who were forced to reimburse funds stolen from three banks. It was also decided that the saved funds – almost 900 million lei – will be directed to the needs of agriculture.

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1opwLwDfngtiHyaTTxs5YPydM1ohpqWPV/view?usp=sharing

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