What lesson did we learn from Kobe Bryant as an entrepreneur?

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Kobe Bryant was known for his unwavering work ethic and contempt for those who did not share it. As he previously stated, “I have nothing in common with slackers who blame their lack of accomplishment on others. Hard work and dedication yield great results. There are no justifications.”

He never made excuses and was always eager to put in the hours since he didn’t want to be beaten by the competition. When an injured shoulder prevented him from shooting with his right, he played the game left-handed. After ripping his Achilles, he notably played a game with a 102-degree temperature and famously stayed in the game to make his free throws.

That’s the kind of work ethic that sets you apart from the rest of the pack. And it never matters how many rings does Bryant has?

kobe’s passion for his work as a basketball player

Kobe Bryant’s passion for basketball was unmistakable, and that’s precisely the mindset you need. Embrace your obsession and use it to achieve heights that no one else can.

Dedication towards goals

As he once stated, “You must be obsessed with it. Many people profess they want to be great, but they are unwilling to make the sacrifices required to do it. They unfold because they have other worries, whether important or not.”

Bryant’s philosophy for your work

Bryant was asked about his mentality to game after the game and how he is willing to take a lot of shots and suffer the consequences if he misses. He firmly responded, “When asked if he’s ever been terrified of a moment or game, he said, “No,” and then went on to explain his brilliant attitude about failing in big moments: “And I don’t mean to seem cavalier when I say that, but never.” It’s a basketball game. I’ve gone over it again and again, practicing and playing. When you think about it, there’s nothing to be terrified of.”

learning a new skill

“What do I enjoy doing?” was one of the many questions Kobe questioned himself after retiring in 2016. When he discovered the answer – storytelling — he went forward and launched Granity Studios, a multimedia production firm.

For his short animated video Dear Basketball, Kobe earned an Academy Award, a Sports Emmy, and an Annie Award in 2018. He was ecstatic to be the first African American to receive an award in that area, and More diversity was essential.

As a Mamba leader

Bryant remarked on the similarities when reporters cited Michael Jordan’s commercial on his shortcomings. “Yes, conceptually speaking, it’s the same thing. I grew up watching that, and now I’m here. To a child who grew up observing him, his approach to life was inspiring.”

“Everything negative — pressure, problems — is all an opportunity for me to climb,” he once said, and he utilized that mindset to overcome an early setback.

On moving directly to the NBA from school

“I want to study how to become the world’s finest basketball player.” And if I’m going to learn it, I will have to learn it from the best.

“Kids go to school to become physicians, lawyers, and other professionals, and that’s where they learn.” My study location is the greatest.”

In the end

A man’s worth is never standard the number of t-shirt-worthy comments he gives or how many rings he have? But let all of these pearls of wisdom serve as the final proof that Bryant’s legacy will outlast him.