What is Zirconia Crowns?

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Zirconia crowns is a coating process made on teeth surfaces using zirconium material. Zirconia veneers are mainly used for the restoration of decayed teeth. However, people who want to have an esthetic smile and white teeth can also have dental veneers. It can be used on fore and back teeth. While it looks esthetically beautiful when used on the front teeth, it creates a whole in terms of strength when used on the back teeth.

Zirconia Crowns Advantages and Disadvantages

zirconia crowns, not only provides an esthetic smile but also offers many advantages. The advantages of zirconia crown implant can be listed as follows;

  • Due to its structure, it does not cause a dark color on the gums.
  • Zirconia dental veneers also offers the advantage of allowing your own teeth to look as itself by passing the light inside.
  • If the patient follow the right caring suggestions, it can be use for a long time.
  • Zirconia Crown plays a big role in your gums health by the way it adapts to the gums.
  • People who use zirconium do not have hot and cold sensitivity in their teeth.
  • It minimizes the formation of tooth stains and yellowing on the teeth of smokers.
  • It also minimizes bad breath.

The disadvantages of zirconia implant is:

  • It is not suitable for use in long tooth gaps (when the missing teeth of the patient is side by side and in large numbers).
  • Its price is high when compared to metal-supported implant.

Zirconia Abutment

While zirconium is unique It also provides variety in color. Zirconium abutment is the way of giving the right color. It is generally for the foreteeth’s esthetic appearance. For this reason, a substance called abutment is used to give a natural appearance to the area between the implant and the prosthesis in the teeth. The main goal is to make the image natural.

How is the process of Zirconia Crowns?

  • Anesthesia is applied to the patient in order not to feel pain during the veneer treatment.
  • The teeth to be processed are reduced to an appropriate amount and measured.
  • At the same time, temporary teeth are attached instead of the teeth that are reduced by filing.
  • Tooth color selection is decided according the patient’s preference
  • The teeth that are measured in an average of 5 days are prepared and the temporary teeth are removed and replaced.
  • Periodic doctor checks are recommended and the patient’s treatment is completed.

Zirconia Crowns in Turkey

Zirconia Crowns application is a common and safe treatment in Turkey. Zirconia Crowns in Turkey  costs may change according to different options. To have more information, visit the web page of Erdem Hospital to get the help you may need.