What is the place of the Smolensk region in Russia in terms of coronavirus by August 6

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If we take as a basis for calculating the number of detected facts of a new coronavirus infection in a certain territory, then, undoubtedly, the first place in this list is determined by megacities. By August 6, the capital was among the leaders in the total number of recorded cases of the disease, where 244,784 cases of COVID-19 were counted during the pandemic. Smolensk region in this rating rose to 42nd place. But in recent months, it has shown a decline, despite an increasing number of tests done, aiming to reach 10 percent of the subject’s population.

As of the morning of August 6, the Smolensk Region ranks 47th among the constituent entities of Russia in terms of the number of detected cases of the disease “coronavirus”. For comparison, you can find out how the neighbors are doing. The Bryansk region is currently in 25th place, Kaluga – in 27th.

So in the overall standings among the territories of the country, the Smolensk region almost closes the fifth dozen regions in terms of the number of cases of coronavirus, which was not easy for the region itself: on the one hand, Belarus borders on the region, where the restrictions were treated specifically, on the other – on the eastern side, Moscow and the Moscow region , whose residents en masse tried to “sit out” in the Smolensk region the most difficult days during the coronavirus.

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