What Is the Job Profile of SSC CGL Officers? What Is the Scope of Promotion for SSC CGL?

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The Combined Graduate Level exam (CGL) is conducted every year by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) to hire potential candidates for the positions for Group B and Group C in various organisations, ministries, and departments of the government.

The exam is a competitive one and requires basic knowledge of multiple subjects. However, it is now easy to cover them with the material available at your fingertips on your screens at BYJU’S Exam Prep. SSC CGL 2022 is one of the most prestigious jobs for which lakhs of candidates apply because of the job responsibilities and job profile offered to them.

SSC CGL Job Profile: Roles & Responsibilities

Here are the various posts offered on clearing the CGL examination and their job profile. You can visit BYJU’S Exam Prep to get a piece of comprehensive knowledge about the SSC CGL job profile as well as salary.

  • Assistant Audit Officer

An assistant audit officer is given the charge of assisting audits that take place in the public sector organizations as well as the government. They will also be expected to travel whenever an inspection is to take place. It is a combination of both desk-job as well as fieldwork. The candidates are in-charge of financial and compliance audits along with performance analysis. On the field, they are responsible for assisting Audit Officer (AO) and Senior Audit Officer (SAO) in auditing various government offices and corporations.

Promotion Prospect: The promotions in the case of AAOs are slow. It takes about 6-10 years to be promoted from an Assistant Audit Officer to an Audit Officer. Post this, candidates can aim for the positions of Senior Audit Officer, Deputy Auditor General, and Senior Deputy Auditor-General.

  • Assistant Accounts Officer

This role also demands the officer to be present during audits and assist in the process. Tasks such as recording transactions, making data entries, and processing them are also expected.

Promotion Prospects: The first promotions take place in about 8-10 years but can vary on the basis of the number of vacancies available. Assistant Accounts Officers are promoted to the post of Senior Accounts Officer followed by Chief Accounts Officer.

  • Assistant Section Officer

This role requires the office to undertake desk jobs and complete tasks such as writing reports, drafting letters, submitting cases, examining and identifying the issues involved in a court case, routine noting, and completing files. It is the lowest job under the  Central Secretariat Services, which is the backbone of administrative work that takes place. As an ASO, one will have to act as the link between the Parliament and the Central Secretariat in case of Assurances, Government Bills, and Parliament Questions.

Promotion Prospects: As an ASO, it is possible to get a promotion in about 5-7 years, when the candidate appears in an inter-department exam conducted by the UPSC board. During this stage, candidates can train themselves through the resources available at BYJU’S Exam Prep, which covers all required resources for competitive exams. Without the exam, it would take about 10-12 years for a normal promotion to be shifted from an Assistant Section Officer to a Section Officer. After the Section Officer stage, the promotion takes place in the following order- Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and then Director.

  • Assistant Enforcement Officer

The primary job of an Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) is to check on and control money laundering related activities. They work to prevent any fraudulent activity and forgery in monetary transactions.

Promotion Prospects: AEOs usually get their promotion after giving 8-9 years of service. After working as Assistant Enforcement Officer, candidates aim for the positions of Assistant Director of Enforcement Director, followed by Deputy Director of Enforcement Director, Joint Director, and finally of Additional Director.

  • Junior Statistical Officer

A Junior Statistical Officer (JSO) is allotted the task of entering data and tabulation and drafting important documents, noting, and dispatching the documents.

Promotion Prospects: Under this department, the chances of promotions are higher in comparison to others. However, it is compulsory for candidates to have Statistics or Mathematics as one of their subjects. Since the position of a JSO is under the Central Government, in the case of a promotion, candidates have a chance of becoming a Gazetted Officer. Junior Statistical Officers are promoted as Senior Statistical Officers in about 6-8 years. This is followed by promotions as Assistant Director and Deputy Director.

Appearing for the CGL to secure a position in various departments and divisions of the government depends on the cut-off score. Hence, it is important to perform well. To strengthen your preparation for the exam, the resources available on BYJU’S Exam Prep cover all important topics you need to cover and provide online tests to check your preparation. Prepare well with BYJU’S and perform your best in the SSC CGL examination to join the department of your choice.

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