What Is the Function of a Criminal Defence Lawyer?

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By Marilyn Royce

Having an experienced criminal defence lawyer on your side can make all the difference when facing criminal accusations in Canada. A criminal defence lawyer will put up great effort on your behalf to help you get the best result in your case, regardless of whether you are facing a minor accusation or a serious offence.

In this article, we will talk about the functions of criminal defence lawyers and how they proceed to handle the case of their clients.

Who Is a Criminal Defence Lawyer?

Criminal defence lawyers specialize in defending individuals and organizations accused of criminal behaviour. They mostly work for either small businesses or are self-employed.

Besides, they represent clients in negotiations with prosecutors, offer legal counsel, investigate cases, and present evidence to ensure fair justice. 

Thus, a criminal defence lawyer can play a critical role in securing a favourable outcome in criminal proceedings by advocating on behalf of their clients.

What Are the Functions of a Criminal Defence Lawyer?

Anyone accused of crimes in Canada can be assumed innocent unless proven guilty. A criminal lawyer’s job is to guarantee that their client is treated properly throughout their trial.

Here, we will talk about the role and responsibilities of a criminal defence lawyer.

Prepare the Case

Firstly, criminal lawyers collect all of the available documents and evidence. They prepare all these files and present them on a dashboard to gather information.

Also, they investigate independently and visit the crime scene for further details. Again, a lawyer talks with others who are related to the case.

Communicate with the Client

A criminal lawyer provides legal counsel to clients. It covers any inquiries by the police, any preliminary hearings, and the trial itself.

The criminal lawyer knows all the relevant information about the case he will work on. By this time, as the case progress, the lawyer informs about all the updates on the case to their clients. They also fight for their clients in court trials.

Research the Case

Each case is unique on its own. For this, criminal lawyers need to study the case in detail. They should be aware of how they will interact with the clients, handle the evidence, and how the court will view each of the arguments.

Hence, they gather enough knowledge and information to create a defence for possible outcomes from the court.

Review Information

It is said that the best defence is a good offence. A criminal lawyer should gather all the relevant information to the case. They also collect witness statements, visit the crime scene, and find any evidence regarding the case.

In addition, if the lawyer finds all the information, they can defend the case easily. Thus, the criminal lawyer must be aware of any small information.

Prepare Paperwork for Court

Preparing paperwork is an important step for any criminal lawyer. They need to prepare and submit a variety of pleadings, including complaints, motions, and responses.

Furthermore, lawyers serve and reply to discovery requests to get information from the prosecution and other parties engaged in the case. They prepare a list of witnesses to exhibit their plan to proceed. During the trial, they can create notebooks containing all the important evidence and information.

Remain Neutral

Last but not least, the goal of a criminal lawyer is to make the best outcome from the case. Emotions can run high, so they must be neutral during the court trial.

Moreover, it is up to the lawyer to bargain for a better result when clients face penalties like jail terms, fines, or probation. They can discuss a plea deal to lessen the severity of a client’s punishment.

Overall, the criminal lawyer is responsible for everything when a client is in need.


In summary, the function of a criminal defence lawyer is vital for ensuring a fair trial process for his clients. They play a vital role by representing their clients in everything they can. 

From preparing, researching, and exploring cases, they try to achieve the best possible outcome. Thus, a criminal defence lawyer ensure that all citizens’ rights are protected and abide by the government’s law through their work.