What is strictly forbidden to do on May 4, on Proklov day

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From time immemorial, Proklov’s Day was celebrated in Russia on May 4. The ancestors believed that today the Monk Proclus could protect against evil spirits.

In Russia, it was believed that on May 4 it is better to avoid going to the cemetery, because evil spirits can lie in wait there, which will ruin this day and bring trouble. It was also impossible to go for herbs and flowers, since it was assumed that they were poisoned by witches.

But there were no restrictions on going to church, and the ancestors actively prayed for the health of the living and the repose of the dead.

It is worth working in moderation today – not to be lazy, but not to overdo it, and it is better to spend the evening with the family. Be sure to wash the windows on this day, because otherwise happiness and success will not be able to get into the house.

According to the signs, if bird cherry blossoms today, then the summer will be warm, and if the stars twinkle at night, there will be a thunderstorm.