What is Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery and how it is performed?

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Our shoulders play a wide range of movements. The most mobile joint of our body is the shoulder joint. This joint allows us to move our arms forward, backward, and in a circular motion. Shoulders are more prone to injury while performing manual labor, sports, or rigorous repetitive movements. The growing age is another major factor that can result in shoulder injuries. If something went wrong with the shoulder, our ability to move freely got restricted and can result in a great level of discomfort and pain. 

Shoulder Arthroscopy

A surgical procedure with which problems inside the shoulder joint are visualized, diagnosed, and treated is known as shoulder arthroscopy. This surgery includes small incisions through which the specialized surgical instruments are inserted. The arthroscope is a 4 mm-sized instrument that consists of magnifying lenses and a source of light. It is also attached to a small camera that presents the zoom-in image of the joint on the monitor. It helps the surgeon to have a thorough insight into the structures inside the shoulder joint.

When is this surgery required by the patient?

Well, shoulder arthroscopy is used to treat various shoulder joint-related issues such as lateral tears, bursitis, arthritis, etc. However, this treatment is used only when other options like steroid injections, physical therapies, etc. have failed to offer the results. 

How this surgery is performed by the doctors?

For the execution of the surgery, doctors perform the following:

  • This surgery takes place in inpatient surgery settings.
  • After a comprehensive discussion between the doctor and patient, the type of anesthesia to be used is decided. 
  • Next, small incisions are given so that the instrument can be inserted.
  • To have a clear view of the structure inside the shoulder joint, a sterile fluid is filled in the joint.
  • These procedures usually don’t take more than an hour.
  • Later, depending on the kind of surgery treatment, the patient is given a sling or a special shoulder immobilizer.
  • The doctors will also provide the patient with special instructions about whether the patient can move his arm or not immediately after the surgery.   
  • To decrease the pain and swelling around the shoulder, the doctors will also recommend rest, the use of icing pads, and anti-inflammatory medications to the patient.
  • It could be recommended not to shower for 3 to5 days to keep the area dry.
  • The patient can start light exercises in the 1st week of the surgery.
  • It can take few months to get back to usual activities after the surgery is performed. 

Advantages of the arthroscopic surgery

The following are some of the advantages of arthroscopic shoulder surgery to the patient:

  • There will be minimum scars on the shoulder area being treated.
  • The patient has to stay at the hospital for a minimum time.
  • The pain and swelling will be minimum.
  • There are minimum chances of developing any complications and risks during or after the surgery.

The doctors will provide the most appropriate shoulder pain treatment to their patients after comprehensively assessing their condition.