What is OSHA Fire Safety

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Every year there are many serious fires in the workplace, in buildings and on construction sites that lead to more serious injuries and property damage. To reduce the risk of such fires, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issues a fire prevention certificate.

The OSHA and Fire Watch Services study is a training course for firefighters who can identify fire safety hazards and take necessary safety precautions to avoid building fires. Some of the topics covered in the certification course include:


OSHA fire detection and security procedures

Fire clock requirements

Accidents at work

Chemical storage

Emergency reporting and response planning

Emergency response equipment and how it is used

The conditions for the certification of fire protection certificates vary from region to region. Those living in New York and California are required to obtain a Modern Fire Protection Certificate. To get your card, you must train and check and renew your certificate every year.


Check with your district and district to see what training and certification is needed to become a qualified Fire Watch Guards in your area. There may be other state requirements that are required for you to be a certified security guard.

In the event that the required fire protection system does not work, the fire clock will be maintained by one or more persons holding a Certificate of Competence. In the first four hours of a planned or unplanned service area event where the work area does not exceed 50,000 square feet, a damage coordinator or a qualified and experienced person who is able to perform firefighting duties and is appointed by the property owner. After four hours of inactivity, those patrols will be operated only by firefighters with a Certificate of Eligibility.


This Certificate of Eligibility is valid only for the person to whom it was issued and may apply anywhere within New York City.


The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) regulates and enforces building code policies to improve fire safety and fire prevention. Authorized by FDNY, licensed firefighters play a key role in enforcing construction code policies and promoting public safety. Different types of structures and settings in which firefighters are installed require different types of information, so FDNY has developed different certificates.


Anyone wishing to become a licensed firefighter in any of these areas must first pass a FDNY-controlled examination. Each license has its own test. Star Security Training offers a 3-hour exam preparation course to help individuals prepare and pass 6 closely related exams.


If you have already taken your basic security training classes, which include an 8 Hour Security Training Course and a 16 Hour Security Guard Training, you will be eligible for a discount on our package and will receive a discount.