What Is NFT Virtual Land in the Metaverse?

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NFT Virtual Land is a proprietary area of ​​digital land on the Metaverse. XANALIA is a Popular NFT ground project. You can use NFT land for socializing, advertising, gaming, and work in other uses.

Landowners can typically use their plots to host online experiments, display content, or reap the benefits of the game. Big brands and celebrities, including Adidas and Snoop Dogg, are investing and using NFT land. To buy virtual land in Metaverse, XANALIA provides impressive deals to users. People can buy and sell NFTs on XANALIA without any difficulty.

What is the price of NFT Virtual land?

The plot’s price is influenced by its utility, project, and market speculation. You can buy NFT land from a project in the sale of land. Buyers can also buy NFT land in the secondary market through the NFT exchange, such as XANALIA Marketplace.

Before buying, make sure you understand the uses of land and related projects. It would be better to rent NFT land than buy it in some cases.

What Is A Non-Fungible Token Plot?

XANALIA Marketplace is an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs.

At XANALIA Marketplace, users can usually explore with 3D avatars. Second Live, XANALIA provides areas and venues for concerts, conferences, and exhibitions.

Developers create large land maps distributed in small parcels to sell. To represent the ownership of the area, consumers purchase NFTs attached to a particular plot of land. You can buy this plot directly from XANALIA Marketplace. Exactly, it depends on what you can do with NFT land.

What Are The Metaverse Land Use Issues?

In addition to speculation, landowners can use their virtual space in various uses:

  • Advertising

Your plot is in a popular area or district and attracts many visitors; you can charge for advertising space.

  • Socialization 

You can host events on your digital land, including conferences, concerts, and community meetings.

  • Gaming

Your NFT land can use in NFT video games. For example, in NETDUEL, the ground can provide additional resources, tokens, handicraft components.

  • Work

Land that can explore with 3D avatars can be used as a virtual office space or provide digital services.

Are Global Companies Buying Metaverse Land?

Prominent celebrities and brands have already started buying land in Metaverse. For example, Snoop Dogg builds his Snoop Dogg Metaverse experience.

Adidas has also purchased space on the platform for its Adiverse Metaverse experience. XANALIA also has the ownership of Metaverse land.

In addition to joining the Metaverse and NFT hype, XANALIA will allow consumers to interact with them by accessing Metaverse services, games, and products.

NFT land has jumped from retail investors to institutional investors. For example, The Metaverse Group has made headlines for buying large quantities of digital real estate, which we will dive into later.

How Does NFT Affect The Value Of Virtual Land?

Virtual land plots are priced the same as other Cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens. There are three main factors to consider:


Virtual land is different from many other NFTs because it usually has different uses. They will vary depending on the platform they are on. For example, a digital world like XANALIA allows users to customize and create on their land.

If your land is in a popular area or many visitors come, you can charge for the advertisement. Your land can also give you benefits in Blockchain video games. You could improve the stacking bonus or experience unique events in a game.


NFT land prices are reasonable for popular platforms like XANALIA. It is due to market demand and supply. The user base and interest of these platforms far outweigh the small projects.


Significant sales of NFT land in the past have fueled speculation. For example, in November 2021, the NFT real estate company Metaverse Group spent about ً2.43 million on a parcel of 116 plots. Each plot covers an area of ​​16 square meters, giving it a total area of ​​1,856 square meters in the Fashion Street District. 


For many, the idea of ​​a virtual sale of land seems far-fetched. However, to understand how NFT Earth evolved, you need to look at the rise of NFTs, digital collectables, and Metaverse.

This idea is no different from owning a website or other virtual space. For example, popular domain names have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, we see a difference in the way NFT lands guarantee ownership. As Tech World prepares itself for the Metaverse future, we shouldn’t be surprised to see more Metaverse NFT land for sale soon.