What is Facebook Marketplace and its Benefits

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Facebook is a social media platform we all know of. But what many won’t know is that same platform can be used as a platform to sell or buy goods online. According to the BigCommerce 2018 Omnichannel Report, more people are opting for online transactions of products whether it’s selling or buying. With the change of market in past year has also changed the meaning of how well the market can be brought home, just like any other service. Home delivery and online shopping has seen the surge since pandemic with people opting more and more for online transactions.

Easiness on Facebook Marketplace

Like uber and Swiggy [application or sites offering instant services], Facebook also offers people a market just a click away. From the comfort of their homes, they can sell anything from furniture to books, or even rent a place, its that easy. It offers a direct window to the merchants and people, linking them together on the basis of their location, search and price range. By filtering according to the area or category, the search circle can be narrowed down quickly.

For the convenience there are many categories for sellers or buyers to choose from, pets or office supplies, or homes goods or vehicles. The marketplace is already embedded in the account so all the sellers have to do is to enlist their product and choose the category. Write a long and detailed description to help the buyers know everything about the product. Upload good quality pictures and that’s it.

Benefits for local sellers

The Facebook Marketplace brings the local business closer to the buyer. Meaning it helps individuals support the local community and buy what’s locally produces and sold. It’s easier to inquire about the product before buying and gives buyer the time and opportunity to inspect the product and buy with the satisfaction of quality. Its easier to keep track of the current and past transactions too. Visit Your Items section to keep track of past or current messages, products or saved items.

Policies of Facebook Marketplace

Like any other commercial site, the Facebook marketplace also has its own set of rules, set by the company in their Community Policies. Some of the products not allowed on the Marketplace include, but not limited to, adult products, animals, alcohol, gift cards, illegal drugs, weapons, or tobacco. The products listed should comply to the set guidelines, which explains what kind of products or services can be sold on the platform within the law and regulations. Failure to comply to the guidelines may result in removal or listing and other content as well as suspension or termination of access to the platform.