What is expected of an executive class manager in 2024?

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2024 is the year of new beginnings. Commerce in 2024 is expected to restart the journey that abruptly ended due to lockdowns. The pandemic ravaged the major economies around the world and trade came to a sudden halt. The post lockdowns world is now aiming toward a brighter future. A future where everything is calculated decided and determined today, instead of waiting for the inevitable. Thus, instant mitigation of unwanted problems can be calculated prior to that as well. The readiness in this approach is extreme and the cost of being at such a ready state is also very high. Thankfully the data we need for these calculations is ethically available in an abundance and utilization of the same is being increasingly prefered by commercial entities of all stature. Today’s managers are thus expected to be data educated and must possess the ability to work in teams. 

Who can opt for executive roles?

In order to be an executive class employee and lead entire teams. One must possess the necessary experiences that are considered crucial for business executives. For many, an executive upgrade during the mid-career is a lucrative proposition. And the upgrade duration is arduous, to say the least. Thus the priority remains with courses that can offer a good work-life balance. An executive MBA for working professionals must be a smooth journey. And a good curriculum designed for the same must have the allowance for flexible schedules. Thus a search for such courses must start with considering this aspect of any course or degree tenure on the internet.

The essential traits of a business executive


Leadership skills can not be developed just by taking up an executive MBA for working professionals. A working professional must actually possess the ability to work in teams and on the frontlines of business. 

  • Leaders must understand the abilities and limitations of their teams and assign tasks accordingly.
  • The next leader should be nurtured by a leader. Thus knowing the teammates up close and personal is essential. 
  • Leaders must have a holistic view, and understand the role of themselves and their teams in the larger setting. 
  • The communication skills of an executive class manager must be of premier quality. And the ability to interact with all interested and relevant parties is essential. 

In many instances, the responsibilities bestowed on a leader in commerce can determine the overall health of an organization. Thus a leader in commerce must have it all. Hovering in between is never an option. Thus training should be complete and a potential employee must tick all the right boxes. 

Data adeptness

Without data, it is extremely risky to conduct commerce in 2024. The times we are going through are constantly changing and the precariousness is detrimental to some extent. For small ventures, under-calculated steps can lead to certain and sudden downfalls. Thus an executive class manager must possess the necessary skills to work with data and help with business analytics. Most of the time a senior executive manager is tasked with business forecasting. And in order to do that, all kinds of data are used for a plethora of purposes. Being data adept is of the essence in this scenario and the ability to handle huge chunks of data is also crucial for an executive class business analyst. 

Cost and human resource optimization

An executive class manager is always responsible for the well-being of the company. The actions they take and the moves they make can determine the fate of entire operations. Thus the idea of available resources in terms of human resources and finance should be clear as a crystal.  While planning bigger moves and multidivisional endeavours, a manager must have a holistic view of what’s available in terms of resources. When armed with these pieces of information, planning moves are an easy affair. And an executive manager works for ensuring this ease from the very beginning. After initial execution, the rest of the operation is also expected to be smooth, due to the preplanned nature of the approach. Under no circumstances, the effort is strained if everything is planned with finesse from the very beginning. 

Hands-on experience 

When it comes to the role of an executive class manager, the demand for relevant experiences is high. The responsibility bestowed upon an employee of such stature is mostly of paramount importance. Employers are thus reluctant to make risky hires and include freshers in their ranks. Thus it is recommended to the students and enthusiasts alike to relocate and be amidst all the relevant activities.  An executive MBA for professionals is easy to find but the process of building trust is arduous, to say the least. Thus it is wise to apply the tried and tested formula. And try to gain at-work training and at-work learning opportunities.