What Is A Skinny Shot, And How Does It Work?

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By henry jackson

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What is a Skinny Shot?

Skinny shots are shots that are taken from close range. They are typically taken when the shooter is behind the basket, and they want to score without giving the defense a chance to block their shot. A skinny shot can be effective if it’s taken correctly. The key to taking shots is keeping your shoulders square to the basket, your elbow close to your side, and your hand close to the ball.

How Does A Skinny Shot Work?

Skinny shots are short, fast shots used to maintain control of the puck. They are often used in tight spaces or when the goalie is out of the net. Hold your stick close to the shooting pad and pull back slowly until you release the puck to perform a skinny shot.

Benefits of a Skinny Shot

A skinny shot is a golf swing with less clubface and clubhead speed to produce ball flight. This golf swing is beneficial for various reasons: it results in straighter shots with less spin, is easier on the arm and shoulder, and is more forgiving on mishits. To execute a skinny shot:

  1. Start by setting up in your normal stance.
  2. Hinge at the waist until your spine is in line with your shoulder blade, and keep your hands close to your body.
  3. Keep your face forward and aim your clubhead directly at the ball.
  4. Release the clubface just before impact.
  5. For maximum results, practice this golf swing regularly to get consistent results.

Cons of a Skinny Shot (in consideration)

There are three primary cons of a skinny shot:

  • It’s challenging to hit your target.
  • It’s ineffective against bigger targets.
  • You may overcook your bird.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues.

It’s Difficult To Hit Your Target:

A skinny shot’s biggest problem is that hitting your target is challenging. You will struggle to land your bird on the target unless you have exceptional accuracy. It is especially true if the target is tiny or moving. A skinny shot is also less effective against bigger targets. If the target is large, you may be able to hit it with a skinny shot, but if the target is tiny, a shot is unlikely to do any damage at all. Finally, a skinny shot may even overshoot the target if the target is moving.

It’s Ineffective Against Bigger Targets:

Another issue with a skinny shot is that it’s ineffective against bigger targets. If the target is more significant than your bird, a skinny shot will not be able to do any.


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