What Does Plumbing Or Plumbing Include?

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Bathroom plumbing is one of the most overlooked and most important issues when it comes to renovating a bathroom or kitchen. In some countries this work is known as plumbing and in others as plumbing. And it includes everything that is related to the installation and maintenance of the network of pipes or pipes that provide drinking water and evacuation of wastewater.

The basic objective of this trade is to carry out a correct distribution and separation of drinking water from sewage, so that it does not affect the health of the inhabitants of the home. Sewage is the water that carries urine and fecal matter from bathrooms.

The term plumbing is still used although its origin derives from lead, which was the most used material in pipes until a few years ago. Currently all lead pipes have been replaced by other materials that do not corrode with water and do not contaminate it.

As we said, in some countries, this profession is known as plumbing. This term comes from the word Fontana or fountain.

Main functions that includes plumbing

The work of a Plumber In London is essential to install pipes, repair leaks and solve problems with the connection of faucets and bathroom equipment. The key points that every Plumber in London should know are the following:


Your experience will allow you to recognize the type of pipe leak and how to repair it. Since the pipes, depending on the material, can be damaged by corrosion, temperature difference, wear or shock.

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After detecting the fault, it is necessary to know how the different materials of the pipes act to repair it efficiently. Lead is one of the materials that can still be found today in some old houses. For this material you must have knowledge of welding with steel and tin.

In order to lower costs and avoid water contamination, copper or PVC pipes are chosen. Which must be treated in a totally different way than lead?


In the case of a new construction, the Plumber In London must know the different construction concepts and be able to perfectly understand a plan. In this way he will be able to detect any problem in the pipe network before the work begins.

When is it necessary to change the plumbing?

We realize that we need to reform the bathroom when there are leaks or the taps do not work well. However, there are other key moments in which it is convenient to think about carrying out a revision or reform in the plumbing of the bathroom.

Check plumbing before a reline

One of these situations is clearly when you want to change the coating of the bathroom. Since if a pipe needs to be changed or a leak repaired, it will be necessary to break the wall and touch up the coating.

Lead or galvanized steel pipes

The professional Plumber In London will advise us to change the pipe when it is made of lead or galvanized steel. This is because these materials can suffer wear and tear over the years and corrosion, releasing some unhealthy substances into the water.

Change of layout of the sink, toilet, bidet or shower

In the event that you want to change the distribution or renew some of the bathroom pieces, such as the toilet, bidet or shower, it is a great opportunity to review the bathroom plumbing. In this way, any necessary reform in the coating of the wall or floor of the bathroom is taken advantage of.