What can a lawyer do in a slip-and-fall injury claim?

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What can a lawyer do in a slip-and-fall injury claim?

Victims of slip-and-fall injuries often suffer from a misconception that they are liable to significant settlements, especially if they feel that the accident has occurred in a public place like a grocery store. However, there are several factors that you need to consider when you are filing for a slip-and-fall injury claim. The first thing that you must be assured of is that the store owner’s negligence caused the accident, and you cannot be blamed in any manner for the accident. As a victim, you might not be able to evaluate the accident in an unbiased manner, and you need to hire a Publix Slip-and-Fall Injury accident insurance claims lawyer to help you understand your case. According to Louis Law Group, a Florida-based injury law firm, some of the ways that your lawyer can help you in a slip-and-fall injury claim are as follows:

  1. Help you evaluate your claim.

In a slip-and-fall injury claim, the first thing that your lawyer will help you understand is whether you can make any compensation claim. If the injuries you have suffered have been caused due to negligence on your side or due to the negligence of people accompanying you, you will not receive any compensation. However, you can receive compensation under the following instances:

  • Suppose you have suffered an injury in the parking lot of the grocery store. But your lawyer will evaluate the case and check the cause of the accident. He will check if the injury has been caused due to pre-existing dangerous conditions in like a pothole or a broken pathway in the parking lot. In such a situation, you are eligible for the maximum compensation.
  • When you file for a slip-and-fall injury claim, you need to establish that the store owner’s negligence caused the injury. Hazards such as poor lighting, wet floor and uneven flooring can help you get the proper compensation in a slip-and-fall injury claim. But it is your lawyer who can evaluate the extent of the hazard and the store owner’s liability. 

When you opt to apply for a slip-and-fall injury claim, you must get the claims evaluated by your lawyer before you use them.

  1. Ensure that you are not liable for the slip-and-fall injury

Your lawyer will evaluate your case and ensure that you are not liable for the slip-and-fall injury in any manner. This can damage your claims, and they can get rejected outright. When you apply for the claims, you need to get all the necessary documents and negotiate with the insurance company’s representatives to ensure that your rights are upheld. But before you can do that, you need to check whether you are responsible for the injury in any manner. Your lawyer will check details such as checking the CCTV footage if it is available and discussing with the accident witnesses to evaluate the liability for the accident. If you are found responsible for the accident in any manner, then the representatives of the insurance company will reject your claims. Hence, it would help if you discussed the responsibility of the accident with your lawyer before filing the lawsuits.

  1. Understand the compensation that you can claim

When you file for a slip-and-fall injury claim, it is crucial to understand how much you can claims you can make. For example, you can make claims for the medical expenses you have to pay for due to the injury. You can also claim compensation for the post-operative care and therapy that you might have to undergo to recover from the accident. Some of the other payment that you are liable to receive due to the slip-and-fall injury is as follows:

  • You can claim compensation for any income loss that you have suffered due to the accident.
  • In the medical expenses, you will have to include the cost of medical devices such as crutches or wheelchairs if you have used any of these. 
  • When you suffer from a slip-and-fall injury, it can result in a non-economic loss as well. This will include any mental distress that you have suffered due to the accident. In addition, you will have to include any expense you have incurred for undergoing therapy to overcome the mental distress.
  • The economic damages you have suffered will also include out-of-pocket expenses such as travel expenses and keeping household aide as post-operative care.

When you evaluate the compensation, ensure that you have all the documents ready to support your claim. Your lawyer will help you evaluate the necessary documents that you need to provide in support of your claim. If you plan to take your case to court, then all of these documents need to be presented in court to support your claim. Your lawyer can fight your case and strengthen your case only with adequate documents supporting your compensation.

  1. Do not settle for the compensation offered by the insurance company.

When you hire a Publix Slip-and-Fall Injury accident insurance claims lawyer, the first thing you must understand is that you should not accept the settlement offer made by the firm. No matter how sympathetic the insurance company representatives appear to be, it is essential to ensure that your rights are adequately represented. If you are prepared to accept an out of court settlement, you should do it only under the guidance of your lawyer. He is the best person to evaluate your case and tell you whether the settlement amount offered by the insurance company adequately meets your demand.

As per this Lawyer Roll article https://www.lawyerroll.com/what-lawyer-should-you-hire-for-personal-injuries/, your lawyer is the only person who will ensure that your requirements are met and will look to your rights. He will give you his unbiased opinion about your case and ensure that your claims are rightly met. When he advises you regarding slip-and-fall injury claims, you must understand that he has your best interests in his mind. His objective will be to ensure that the liabilities are evaluated correctly and the claims you make a stand in court if you decide to plead your case. Therefore, you should get your slip-and-fall injury case evaluated by a lawyer and then file the claims. 

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