What Are The Most Important Aspects Of Women’s Health?          

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By Brandon

You, as a woman, know that you are complex, interesting, and multifaceted. You may be aware of this information from your family and friends, but it is even more important to share it with your doctor. Lifeline medical associates take womens health in NJ very seriously and want to provide comprehensive care. We are here to help you now, preventatively, and plan for your future so you can thrive and live the best life possible, regardless of your age.

Understanding Your Medical History

We will consider your medical history when we treat you. But, it won’t be the end of your life. We will help you make the best health decisions and lifestyle changes to live your healthiest possible life.

Lifestyle, diet, and exercise changes can make a big difference in helping you to live a healthy lifestyle that’s not defined by your medical history.

Current Health

A common cold or something worse can cause you to lose your plans. Because it impacts you now, your current health is critical to women’s health. It doesn’t matter if you have an infection or a concern.

STD And Pregnancy Testing

Routine exams are offered so that if you become ill or have an infected condition, you can get the attention, treatment, and care you need. We offer STD and pregnancy testing, as well as breast checks.

We can help you quickly and confidentially, so you can feel at ease, regardless of whether you have questions about STD testing or are unsure if your at-home pregnancy test results are accurate.

Your Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is one of the most important aspects of women’s health. Your body goes through a full hormone cycle each month. If something is not right or unbalanced it can have a profound impact on your life. A Well-Woman Examination includes a Pap smear and a breast exam. You can also discuss any concerns that you might have and we will be able to answer them.

Well-Woman Examinations

Regular Pap smears play an important role in your reproductive health. They help to ensure you are healthy. A pelvic exam is another important aspect of women’s health. It allows us to check for irregularities, check that your eggs are in a healthy position, and detect any cysts. A breast exam is also included in these exams, which checks that your breast tissue remains healthy and normal.

PMS Care

Your reproductive health is a key component of your menstrual cycle. However, it can also give you important information about your reproductive health. You should seek professional help if you are having problems with your menstrual cycle.

Family Planning

You must make sure your body is ready to have a baby once you’ve decided to start a family. Our Women’s Center can assist you in this journey by explaining the steps to take before you attempt to conceive.

Prenatal Care

You are responsible for caring for more than your body once you become pregnant. This is when you need someone to trust and care for you and your baby throughout the nine months of pregnancy.


It is crucial to take care of your body during this period. However, regular check-ups throughout your pregnancy are important to ensure your baby and you are both as healthy as possible. It is important to find a trusted provider before you become pregnant. For some women, it is even more important to have one during their pregnancy.

Your Menopause Care

Normal menopause happens, but it is not something to be ashamed of. Menopause is both a physical and emotional transition. It marks the end of your reproductive years and the beginning of a new season in your health. Your health is still a priority, even though your reproductive years are over.