What are the different types of bonuses in Globex360?

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Globex 360 offers different types of bonuses, such as promotion bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and welcome bonuses. If you have a detail about the Globex360, it is as follows:

No deposit bonus.

The no deposit bonus is the most popular type of no deposit bonus. Traders don’t have to invest money when opening an account. Instead, they will get money on opening an account without making a transactional initial deposit.

Although it is the very minimum amount of bonus that ranges from $10 to $100, But some accounts offer lower bonuses than this range.

Welcome bonus

The bonus offer globex360 offer a welcome bonus. It is offered to newbies who just open an account on Globex360. There is no intitial deposit on this. This type of bonus is the same as the no deposit bonus and is used by many Forex brokers.

You will not be eligible for a welcome bonus unless you generate a profit for their company.

Deposit bonus

This is a one-time bonus offered by Globex 360. You cannot avail this bonus if you are availing any other bonus. The conditions to avail of this bonus are as follows:

  • You have to make a minimum deposit while opening the account. The minimum amount is $100.
  • If you deposit $100-$1000, then you will avail of a $100 bonus.
  • A 15% bonus is offered on a deposit of $5000.

Reward for referring others

In exchange, brokers are now hiring a team of people to refer clients to them, for which they would receive a referral bonus on their trading platform.

The trading platform will receive traffic, and the person who referred you will receive a commission. In addition, Globe360 offers a referral bonus, with the potential to earn more than $30,000 in a single month. But first and foremost, you must create an account as an IB on Globex360. Once you have registered, you will be able to invite your friends and family to join you on your broker’s website. If someone you refer opens an account through your link, you will receive a referral incentive of $7 for a classic account and $3 for a professional account.


Bonuses that are given away are still another form of bonus that brokers provide. The Globex360 also offers a R150, 000 giveaway bonus as an additional incentive. When a trader opens a live account with the Globex 360 broker, the broker will provide this service.

In order to start an account, you simply register on a live account and make a deposit of at least $200. You will be required to trade with two lots of 1:200 in this situation. As a result, you may be eligible to win a giveaway bonus from Globex 360.

Final words

Brokers can take advantage of a variety of bonuses at Globex 360.You can add this bonus to your monthly income. Some people use this bonus as their monthly income, such as a referral bonus. Everything depends on you. If you perform better trading, then you can earn more profit.