What, apart from taxes, will the modernization of the Kostromskaya GRES give the region

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MK in Kostroma has already reported that an agreement on social and economic cooperation between the administration of the Kostroma region and PJSC Inter RAO was signed yesterday in Volgorechensk.

As is known, the main point of this agreement was the decision to implement a truly gigantic investment project totaling 88 billion rubles.

As part of it, the modernization of six currently operating power units will be carried out (as a result of which their capacity will increase by 10%) and another gas turbine generator with a capacity of 1.3 GW will be built.

Much has already been written about the fact that as a result of the modernization of the Kostromskaya GRES, tax revenues to the regional budget will increase – and rightly so. But the matter will not be limited only to this direct benefit.

The implementation of the project, firstly, will allow the region to maintain its position as an “energy donor” for the entire northwestern federal district, and secondly, it will reduce the cost of electricity produced, which will also become an additional incentive for the economic development of our region.

These benefits are not as obvious as a direct increase in tax revenues to the regional budget – but they are no less important, since they can create “growth points” throughout the region, which will become engines for an overall rise in the standard and quality of life in the region.

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