What absolutely must not be done on Fomin day, October 19

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On this Monday, believers honor Saint Thomas – one of the twelve apostles. This day is associated with a number of the oldest traditions and signs.

Thomas was a simple fisherman from Galilee. Hearing Christ preaching, he dropped everything he had and followed him. Thomas did not believe the stories of other disciples about the Resurrection of the Savior, then on the eighth day the Lord appeared to him and showed His wounds. Once weaker than the other apostles in faith, Thomas became more courageous: he began to found temples and went about preaching almost the whole earth.

In Russia, on this day, they prayed to Saint Thomas before work in order to enlist his support in business. It was believed that if you work hard in Fomin affairs, prosperity and prosperity await the family.

It was strictly forbidden to be lazy on this day and sleep long in the morning. Discouraged on this day gatherings and idle talk.

It is also believed that October 19 cannot be deny beggars: be sure to serve them bread.

If a person is sick or feels weak, you need to feed him with a piece of bread. The ancestors believed that this would help him gain strength and recover.

Name days on October 19 are celebrated by Claudia, Laura, Makar and Homa.

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