What absolutely must not be done on December 26, on Evstratiev day

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On this Saturday, believers honor the memory of the martyrs Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius and Orestes. The people also called this day Witch’s gatherings.

Monks Eustratius, Eugene, Avxentius, Orest and Mardarius lived in Armenia in the 4th century. The saints suffered for their faith under the governor of Satalion.

In Russia, they said that on this day, witches gathered for gatherings and raised snow whirlwinds. Therefore, on December 26, they tried not to leave the house without unnecessary need.

It was strictly forbidden to scold and quarrel on this day. It was believed that if a person violates this prohibition, he will become vulnerable: witches would attack foul language and drag him away, the ancestors believed.

A bad omen is to leave a broom at the entrance. It can be used by evil spirits and set up a whirlwind to “sweep the sun”, they said in Russia.

Celebrate name day on December 26 Anastasia, Arseny, Gabriel, Eugene, Orest and Eleanor.

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