Whale songs help you explore the structure of the seabed

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Czech scientists have proposed using whale songs to study the structure of the seabed.

Whales are talkative animals. Their way of communicating is called songs. Whales emit long and very low sounds with a frequency of 16 to 40 hertz. They spread far in the water and penetrate the rocks of the seabed.

Recently, researchers from the Institute of Geophysics of the Czech Academy of Sciences published an article in Science on whale singing. They studied data on the songs of the fin whale, a minke whale recorded in 2012-13 in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. Each song lasts from two and a half to almost five hours.

The sounds made by the fin whale were captured by seismometers located in that region. The instruments also recorded signals reflected from the areas of the earth’s crust lying below the bottom. Thus, the song of the whale made it possible to determine the structure of the rocks in this place.

According to Naked-Science, scientists propose to actively use such records for the needs of geology.

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