Ways to promote your YouTube channel for more views

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You may have your own YouTube channel, but it doesn’t seem to grow. Or, to be honest, you may not be putting in enough effort to grow it. Let the time grow and expand your YouTube channel. In this article, we’ll show you effective ways to grow your YouTube channel audience so you can see how your subscribers grow.

Grow your Youtube channel by joining the YouTube community

YouTube video promotion isn’t the only thing you need to promote your youtube channel. It’s also helpful to be part of the YouTube community. It allows you to connect, get feedback, and share interests with people who have the same goals as you. Deciding not to interfere with your community is like selling lemonade at your home, hoping that someone will crack it and buy an entire bottle. Go out, share and comment on other YouTube content.

Grow your Youtube channel with video collaboration

Shared hosting with another YouTuber can help you grow your YouTube channel effectively because it helps you grow your audience and benefits both YouTubers. That is because you have two YouTube subscribers watching your video, which means more viewers, subscribers, and reach. The key to hosting collaborative videos is that you are the co-host. Otherwise, the guest has to fit your niche. You both need to have the same number of followers to support each other, but it is preferable if the co-host comes with a larger audience to promote your channel.

Grow your Youtube channel by constantly downloading

When you regularly upload videos or follow your YouTube ritual, you increase your chances of getting regular video viewers. Use push notifications to notify subscribers when you upload new content. Please commit to uploading a new video once a week or a month and stick to it. If you are not consistent with your video uploads, you can lose subscribers and viewers during periods of no video.

Grow your Youtube channel by embedding videos in your blog

Apart from uploading videos to Youtube and adding some links here and there, YouTube doesn’t give you many opportunities to provide viewers with more information, which is why having a website is so important to your brand. Having a detailed blog that syncs with your YouTube channel can give people the opportunity to learn by reading, watching, or both. If you already have a blog, you should include YouTube videos and promote them to your audience.

Expand your Youtube channel by uploading videos to Facebook.

Promoting YouTube videos on other video platforms like Facebook can help you reach a wider audience that might be interested in your content. When 68% of marketers post video content to Facebook, 87% find it effective. Having your own set of Facebook videos allows viewers to access your content without changing platforms easily. You can put a subscription link in your description/title so you can get multiple subscribers along the way.

Expand your YouTube channel with relevant content

You probably already have many videos for your channel, but if your videos aren’t about what people are looking for in your content, you might get lost in a sea of ​​videos that no one wants to watch. True, it hurts, but to promote a youtube channel, you need to start with content that interests your viewers, meaning creating videos based on popular content. This content can be popular online or in your niche; if it matches your channel, you reach the right audience and subscribers.

Complete YouTube SEO Tips to Promote a youtube channel

Create video titles around a specific keyword. When you start thinking about what keyword you want to use in your video, it helps viewers see and know what your video is about without thinking. Place backlinks and links in your video descriptions. Link building isn’t just for websites. This is another great way to tell Google what your video is about in the description to increase your keyword rankings on Youtube. Keep video titles no longer than 50 characters. The longer the title, the fewer viewers will see it when searching for content on YouTube.


Leveraging organic growth for your YouTube channel is great, but adding paid promotion can speed things up a bit. Creating a YouTube ad campaign helps attract viewers and subscribers to your page. Create an ad within your budget; for example, only pay when someone views your video ad or clicks on a link.