5 Ways To Make the Entryway of Your Home Inviting for Guests

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The first impression you give to your guests is of great significance. An entrance speaks volumes about personality and preferences. Investing in design, impressive color schemes, and a perfectly mowed lawn can go a long way in giving your home a unique feel and appearance. It is important to keep in mind that your home’s foyer is not simply a mere entrance; a variety of aesthetics and items come into play to give your front porch the perfect look.

Front Entry Door

When picking out a front door for your house, a lot has to be put into consideration. This is usually amongst the first things a visitor notes about your home. While some individuals would prefer full-length windows on both sides of a door, others may prefer a modern custom-made exterior barn door

Purchasing an eye-catching door and making sure that it is made of quality material is crucial for a homeowner. A door should blend into the color scheme of interior doors and other key furniture and items in your house. 

An interior designer or a furniture dealer could come in handy in giving you suggestions and insights about the type of door that best suits your house. Online reviews and suggestions from social media and the web are also important in providing an individual with exterior door ideas that will give a house that sassy look.

Front Entry Walkway

A great walkway adds to the style and character of your home. You could choose to go with either a narrow walkway or a walkway wide enough for two people to walk side by side. Setting up this awesome space is relatively inexpensive and consumes little time. It is possible to have your walkway all set in as little as a week. 

Designing and decorating an already existing walkway is key in giving your home a much-need facelift. This can be through simply lining the space with flowers or other attractive vegetation. 

A walkway communicates a lot to your visitors as a well though-out font path will. By all means, end in a great porch and, ultimately, an appealing house.

Entry Landscaping

Landscaping mainly involves adding curb appeal to your home’s front environment. Planting the best breed of grass and maintaining its size and neatness is usually a preference for many in adding that lush natural feel to their front yard. Others may prefer to have artificial turf instead, which is easier to maintain and blends into your front porch, as well as natural grass does. 

Hedges and flowers also add color and beauty to your home and are a budget-friendly idea for creating the perfect setting to impress all. Varying the sizes of pots and vases that hold your flowers is of great essence in giving your house’s front a unique touch. Perennials that bloom all year long are great for ensuring your porch is colorful throughout the year. A touch of creativity and attention to detail are essential in doing the perfect landscaping.


Having landscape and hardscape lights leading to your front door is essential for creating a wonderful look for your home, especially during winter nights. Lights do a great job in leading people to your home’s entrance. 

It is key to ensure that the light near the entrance is slightly brighter than the other lights. However, a homeowner should always keep in mind that the front door is the focal point of attraction as the main purpose of the lights is to lead visitors onto the front. Having unique lampshades, modern or vintage, also serves to add some extra aesthetics.

Stairs and Seats

The stairs leading up to your doorway also play a huge role in creating the desired front porch. Having them well-designed and then creatively decorating them adds color to your home. Using artificial turf or particular color themes for your stairs are simple and affordable ways of styling them up. Having comfortable, eye-catching seats just outside your main door then sums up your front décor.

With the tips above, create a front yard that will leave you, your loved ones, and visitors awed and glad to be there. Your home’s front also serves to add to your home’s market value. Indeed, investing in creating a unique, stylish front porch that you can be proud of is very worthwhile.