Ways to Maintain Memory

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Students have a lot of confusion about memorization skills, they try to memorize the lessons and topics but they never understand that usually what we learn and what we understand has a little difference due to lack of concentration. Students have to work really hard to memorize the lessons and lectures they listen to. It is so because grasping capacity of each student is never same and every student never understand the lessons at the same level though taught by the same tutor, some can understand the same topic only a little but some will understand it deeply in the same class and this puts a deep effect on memorizing skills of the students. It has also been proved in many studies that memory stored in our mind is not the same as understanding that information even then memorization of the facts and information plays an essential role in learning. In this very learning process, the online learning assisted by LMS portal is playing an important role as students are getting pictorial and slide view presentations in online learning, they are memorizing their lessons soon whereas LMS portals makes the online learning easy and safe. As a student one can’t enhance his/her knowledge if his/her memorizing skills and knowledge is not good. So, let’s have some discussion on maintaining memory and attention of the students.

Students usually make one common mistake which they are making from generations and that is they never memorize on a regular basis and the real student incarnates in them at the time of tests and exams. And this system of memorizing and studying is completely wrong for the students. Usually, students don’t study anything the whole year and enjoy as much as they can but when date sheet of tests arrive then they fear of getting failed and start cramming up their mind by studying continuously day and night then this cramming the mind process proves to be the biggest failure from the memorization point of view. Data and information crammed up in the head does not prove to be for long term memory and dodges at the wrong time. School management system also understands this, that is why tutors are usually instructed to complete their syllabus before some time so that revision can be done properly in order to make students memorize the lessons. Most dangerous situation in the name of memorization occurs when students have the illusion that they know and have memorized the lesson well but in fact it proves a complete illusion in the test or exam hall due to lack of proper revision. Therefore, students need to revise whatever they have memorized from time to time in order to make that data stay fresh in the mind. and in order to avoid such carelessness students should take their own self-test to see how far they remember what they memorized. 

In order to clarify how far the student remembers the memorized lessons and data they should make a schedule of revision and study the memorized lessons again and again just like the school or attendance management system organises revision sessions in the classes. Students need to organise self-testing and review sessions at planned and fixed intervals and anyhow students should not procrastinate to attend these schedules, this self-discipline will benefit a lot for the memorization process of the students. A planned review of the memorized lessons will help the students to memorize the lesson deeply and it also makes students escape the situation of cramming the data and information of various lessons at the time of exams and tests. Students can use some other methods also in order to enhance their memorization and attention capacity like mnemonics or abbreviation methods in which they can make abbreviations of complex headings of any long answer ATP to assist the professor etc. Use of mnemonics makes the memorizing process easy and also in the hectic room of tests it becomes easy to remember the long answer with help of it. 

Lastly let’s talk about the most important and basic thing which plays an important role in memorization power of students and that is sleep and physical exercise. Students need to take a sound sleep of 6-8 hours so that the mind can be relaxed and physical exercise keeps the body healthy due to which there happens no interruptions during the memorizing process.