Ten easy steps to draw Watermelon clipart black and white

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Watermelon clipart black and white is a type of electronic visual art that uses straightforward graphics. The vast majority of file formats, either partially replaced or vector drawings, are used to store clip art. Simple column or sketched images with a small color palette make up clip art. The ability to drag, drop, and reposition sophisticated clip art as the designer sees fit is now commonplace, though usually at a cost.

Regarding sketched material, clip art is typically black and white and comprises no more than 16 colors. The whole color spectrum is frequently used in modern clip art, which may be of high resolution.

What is a Watermelon clipart black and white

In modern usage, “clip art” refers to a digital image or graphic. Flyers, marketing, scrapbook, word processors, and printed publications are just a few of the many applications for clip art images and pictures. So, a watermelon clipart is a visual graphic of a watermelon slice. There are countless types and categories of computer graphics. Clip art commonly referred to as animations, borders, backdrops, sketches, and photo clips, is widely accessible and can be found in various forms. The electronic images may be purchased on CD or DVD, be available for free and paid download via the Internet, or be integrated with the software.

In the past, printed books were physically cut out to create clip art images. Manual printing and publishing techniques gave way to electronic processes as computers became more accessible and less expensive. It was no longer essential to manually cut out images for documents that would be printed or published. Even though computer graphics have replaced the previous cut images, the term “clip art” has persisted and is still in use.

watermelon slice

How to draw a watermelon slice?

This quick steps demonstrates how to draw a watermelon slice in ten straightforward stages for Watermelon clipart black and white. Along with illustrations and advice for sketching and coloring.

The ten tutorial steps are displayed above as a preview. The objective is to assist you in drawing a straightforward yet attractive watermelon slice in 3/4 view.

Step 1: Outline the slice

Create a triangle with a rounded bottom first. This creates the Watermelon’s general shape.

SO, the Watermelon’s contour in the drawing is slightly off-centered. It is somewhat more to the left, but that’s acceptable.

This allows enough room for the Watermelon’s measurements, which we’ll draw later.

Step 2: Create the watermelon shape.

Adding dimensions to the Watermelon’s right side can expand its shape. Draw a diagonal line parallel to the outline we produced in the previous step, with a curved line at the bottom to draw Watermelon clipart black and white.

Remember that the outline should only include measurements on the right and bottom sides, leaving the left side flat.

Step 3: Add the Watermelon’s Dimensions

The edge of the curved surface we created should have a curve. Don’t forget to add a square shape with a tilt to the right-side corner.

This makes the Watermelon look life-like and three-dimensional.

Step 4: Sketch the Watermelon’s seeds.

Include the seeds that are dispersed around the Watermelon’s surface. To create the seeds in the watermelon clipart black and white , draw a tiny standing oval shape with a pointy bottom border.

When you have the desired number of seeds on the Watermelon, keep drawing the same shape. This implies that you can produce as many or as few seeds as possible!

In the middle, allow space for the Watermelon’s face features, which we’ll draw in the next stage.

Step 5: Next, draw the left brow.

On the central portion of the Watermelon’s left side, draw a curved line. It shapes the left eyebrow’s arched shape.

Step 6: Finish the Watermelon’s Eyebrows

On the other side of the Watermelon’s “face,” repeat the preceding action. 

  • This gives the Watermelon’s right eyebrow, completing its pair of arched eyebrows.
  • Make an effort to align and maintain as much uniformity in the eyebrows.

Step 7: Make the watermelon smile broadly.

The Watermelon’s “face” should have a U-shaped curvature at the bottom. Then, draw a slightly curved line directly above the U-shaped curve we just created. With that, the figure is finished, and the Watermelon’s broad grin is complete. By this time, the Watermelon in your picture should be beaming with joy!

Step 8: Next, draw the left eye of the Watermelon.

Right beneath the left brow, trace a perfect circle. This depicts the Watermelon’s left eye. 

Then outline the look with a tiny ring and two diamond or star shapes. After that, cover the entire eye while leaving the inside figures unprotected. This gives the Watermelon a striking “sparkling eyes” effect, which makes it even cuter!

Step 9: Complete both of the Watermelon’s eyes

Repeat the preceding action underneath the other brow to make the right eye. After completing this stage, the Watermelon’s left and right eyes should be finished!

And there it is, a cute, cheery-looking chunk of Watermelon! To make anything bright, all it needs is a splash of color! Imagine how stunning this piece of art would be in brilliant colors!

watermelon drawing

Step 10: Color the Watermelon 

Now that we’ve drawn a watermelon clipart black and white successfully, it’s time for the most thrilling phase of coloring the picture. Use this chance to show off your artistic talents, particularly your ability to combine and match colors!

1 The pulp should be red
2 the peel should be a light yellow/green
3 the outer skin should be dark green
4 and the seeds should be a dark brown.

As is common knowledge, watermelons feature an inside of pink flesh and a dark green rind. You have the choice of coloring the watermelons exactly how they appear or using a distinctive palette! 

Leave a tiny white space for the reflection or highlight inside of each seed. As watermelon seeds often are, they will appear glossy and wet. The latter is what we advise so that you can further tweak and brighten your artwork!



Drawing a watermelon clipart black and white  is not challenging because of its simple shape and minimal complexity (the seeds). Once finished, it can also look perfect, especially if you choose bright colors like in the picture, otherwise the clipart is mostly black and white in colors. 

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