Water Pig Mat Systems At Different Stages

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By Brandon

Single-mat entry systems fail when winter months induce considerable oversaturation of dirt and water from the soles of shoes or wheeled carts. The bottoms of shoes alone accumulate 50 pounds of dust and grime annually in the average business. Every week, 150 people step on a square yard of carpet, depositing one pound of dirt onto it.

How To Select The Optimal Indoor/Outdoor Mat?

The doorway requires a very abrasive carpet to remove caked-on debris, ice packs, and parking lot grease. On the other hand, fine dust, trace water, and fine-grained salts or sand require a softer, finer surface with a greater surface density. Single mat systems are effective in addressing both soiling and saturation. For effective usage, large fan systems and regular replacements are necessary. When entry mats reach saturation levels and begin to spill onto neighboring surfaces, the flooring loses traction.

Multi-surface mat systems offer both efficiency and functionality since the risk of tripping and falling takes precedence over cleaning expenses and aesthetics. In comparison to the possibility of slips and falls, cleaning charges become minor worries. The entire space is covered by a single piece of carpeting. The corners of the carpet are adhered to the floor using adhesive so that the carpet cannot move. At Ultimate Mats, we have an extensive selection of carpets from which to pick.

Zone 1: Super Scraper Designs

  • Nitrile rubber is extremely durable and will never deform, discolor, roll, or break.
  • Outdoor scraper mats with an abrasive grass brush or nitrile Flexi tip remove large particles of dirt, mud, ice, and snow from the entranceway.
  • UV protection, anti-static properties, and nfsi-certified slip resistance provide a safe and incredibly durable outdoor stage mat. The outside edge gathers and enables water to drain.

Zone 2: Scraper/Wiper Entry Mats

  • Entrances are protected from puddles by 100% nitrile rubber with deep water channels for containment and superior traction.
  • Ideal for wiping and scraping away dirt, grime, and debris in indoor-to-outdoor transition zones
  • Durable rubber backing resists curling, cracking, and deterioration brought on by rain, snow, humidity, freeze/thaw cycles, and the sun.

Zone 3: Wiper Entry Mats

  • Soft, thick fabric entry mats accomplish up to 85 to 95 percent final dirt and grime absorption when partnered with a comprehensive mat system, owing to continuous mono-filament polyester, one of the cleanest and most absorbent materials ever created.
  • Waterhog Classic entrance mats provide a softer feel and catch minute amounts of dirt and water while protecting your flooring, capturing any fine-grain particles, filth, or moisture, and providing the last barrier against water and dirt transfer to unprotected, slip-prone surfaces. They are great for service desks and similar settings.

Zone 4: Personalized Hue And Branding

For branding placement in front of workstations and elevators, unique logo mats offer additional color tones and contrast. Colors, logos, and pictures pertinent to the business add flair and provide a fantastic initial impression. Customized logo or image mats with fashionable fabric, conventional rubber, or vinyl trim are available with free shipping. Choose between cleated and smooth backings for optimal grip on hard floors or carpets.