Wasserman told how to close the gap between the salaries of top managers and ordinary employees

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Anatoly Wasserman, a participant in intellectual games, journalist and publicist, expressed the point of view that the gap between the salaries of top management of companies and ordinary workers can be reduced by making a number of changes to the country’s legislation. According to the polymath, these innovations will not require serious changes.

Wasserman drew attention to the fact that the law on joint stock companies says that the main task of an enterprise is to make a profit. “Effective managers don’t care about the lives of their workers. They don’t understand that it is the workers who ultimately make the profit. Top managers often think this way: in order for a cow to milk more and eat less, it needs to be milked more often and fed less.”

The mandatory ratio of the salaries of managers to the salaries of other employees is established only in federal state institutions.