Wasserman said that a strong Russian army is a “surprise” for NATO

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Publicist and TV presenter Anatoly Wasserman commented on the relations between Russia, NATO and Ukraine, he said that a strong Russian army is a “surprise” for the alliance.

“Supporters of the North Atlantic Treaty on April 4, 1949 like to say that it protected from the aggressive Warsaw Pact. True, the Warsaw Pact was signed on May 14, 1955 – six years after NATO. And now NATO and its allies are lying just as shamelessly,” wrote Wasserman in the publication for REN TV.

He noted that NATO’s activities in Europe are a direct threat to Russia.

“For example, if we try to stop the atrocities of Ukraine. For greater importance, NATO exercises on the borders of Ukraine are unprecedented in the current millennium. 35,000 military men, 15,000 cannons, tanks, drones, aircraft,” said Wasserman.

According to him, a strong Russian army is a surprise for NATO.

“And nothing at all – two combined-arms armies and three airborne brigades, about two hundred thousand people – also drove closer to Ukraine. For exercises and readiness checks. Western politicians and the media howled: why did the Russian troops disperse across the territory of the Russian Federation?” – said the publicist.

He stressed that Russia has every right to move troops across its territory: “we park wherever we want.”