Warm weather expected on the last day of winter

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Tomorrow, February 28, warm, cloudy weather is expected in the Smolensk region. Rain or sleet is possible during the day. The wind is northwestward, its speed is 7-10 m / s. Atmospheric pressure 736 mm Hg. pillar, will gradually grow.

Air temperature in the region: at night from -4 ° C to + 1 ° C, during the day from 0 ° C to + 5 ° C.

In Smolensk: at night from -2 ° C to 0 ° C, during the day from + 2 ° C to + 4 ° C.

The air humidity is 87-90%, the temperature during the day will be felt at the level of -4 ° C to -3 ° C.

The moon is full. Daylight hours 10 hours 40 minutes. Sunrise at 7:44, sunset at 18:24.

February 28 is called Zimobor in the folk calendar. It is believed that on this day winter becomes “hornless”, that is, it loses its strength. Winter fights against spring: who is away from getting out, and who is going forward. It was believed that if on this day there is a lot of water on the roads and the snow has practically melted, then the haymaking will be good.