Volunteers from the “Right to Life” shelter thank the Kostroma residents

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“MK in Kostroma” has already written about the difficult situation in which the four-legged inhabitants of the Kostroma shelter for homeless animals “Right to Life” found themselves. Coronavirus problems and the associated economic turmoil have led to the fact that the usual sponsors of the shelter – entrepreneurs – have sharply reduced the volume of donations …

Meanwhile, just in warm weather, when cereals and fish are removed from the diet (because they quickly deteriorate), volunteers have to feed the animals with dry food, which is much more expensive …

In general – “Right to Life” by the end of July was stranded … and was rescued by compassionate Kostroma residents who, having learned from the media about the disastrous state of the orphanage, collected 25 thousand rubles in just a few days. This amount was enough to store food for the baleen-tailed inhabitants of the shelter for a whole month.

The curators of the shelter sincerely thank the caring Kostroma residents for their help.

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