Volkov called Overeem a strong and cunning fighter

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Russian MMA fighter Alexander Volkov said that his rival Alistair Overeem is a cunning, experienced and strong athlete. This was reported on Friday, February 5, by the REN TV channel.

“Overeem is a very experienced fighter. The fact that he has been performing since 1999 suggests that he has already seen a lot, he is already the champion of three organizations, if not more, very famous world ones, his collection lacks only the UFC belt. This is an experienced, strong, cunning fighter. This will be one of the strongest challenges I have had in my career, ”Volkov said.

Journalists, in turn, predicted a spectacular battle, since both fighters are shockmen. As a result, few episodes of wrestling on the ground await the audience.

It is noted that if Volkov overcomes Overeem, he will reach the finish line in the fight for the world champion belt. In turn, the 40-year-old rival of the Russian gets the opportunity to show himself in the ring at such a mature age.

“I feel as ready as possible, I can’t wait for the fight. Basically, I can fight him today. But there won’t be a fight today, we have to wait a few days. But yes, I’m ready, ”said Overeem.

The fight between the two heavyweights will take place as part of the UFC Fight Night show, which REN TV will broadcast live on exclusive rights on a special air of the REN TV Fight Club on February 7 at 5:00 Moscow time.

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