Volgograd, who is engaged in oriental dancing, performed on a TV show

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Valeria Arzhanaya, 22, has been passionate about oriental dances for many years. She graduated from a choreographic college, opened her own dance studio and took part in a show on a federal channel, and now plans to show her talent on social networks.

At a young age, Valeria began to engage in rhythmic gymnastics, and then decided to try to master oriental dances, which her friend told her about. Thus, she went to the sections in parallel for many years in a row.

The girl noted that she had been dancing for 15 years and was a member of the Russian national team. Now Volgograd is preparing for the largest complex international dance project – the World Dance Olympiad, which will take place in Moscow in early May. In addition, the girl teaches dance to women of different ages in her studio.

– Oriental dances actually work wonders, – Valeria shares, – I have women 60, 70, 80 years old. And each of them looks great. Women come to us with different goals: someone to find friends, like-minded people, someone to improve their health, to lose extra pounds.

Valeria had also been planning to take part in some kind of entertainment show for a long time, and once she caught her eye the call “If you have talent – declare yourself.” The girl immediately decided that she would definitely try herself in this show.

“This experience was very interesting and useful for me,” says the dancer. – It was nice that my work was appreciated by Larisa Guzeeva and Dima Bilan and supported.

Valeria sent a questionnaire to the competition in November last year, then the producer of the program asked her to record a video for one and a half minutes, after which she became one of the contestants.

“As a result, I had to send them several videos and wait a long time for the result,” recalls the participant of the Tiktok Talent show.

The semi-final of the competition was held in an online format on an online platform. Valeria was upset that it would not be live communication, but everything went warmly and amicably.

For the passage to the final, the girl did not have the required number of goals.

Valeria did not make it to the finals, did not get the required number of viewers’ votes and immediately concluded that it was necessary to develop social networks and work to increase the number of subscribers.

“I really wanted to participate in the final, but I calmly accepted my loss,” the girl admits. – Now I’m thinking about taking part in the “Dances” program on TNT channel, because any competition, any competition is not only a victory or a loss, it is also the development of your talent.

Marina Dorosheva © Photo from the personal archive of Valeria Arzhanoy