Volgograd residents were told how to take care of woolen things from mohair

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Things made of wool of the Angora goat breed require careful care, writes Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru.

Mohair is durable, things made of it are comfortable and do not fall off, six are soft and shiny, wear-resistant and great for children and allergy sufferers, moreover, it does not absorb dirt and dust, but lets air through, warms.

Machine wash of mohair clothes is allowed only in the “wool” mode, as well as “hand”. Water temperature is required no higher than room temperature. It is still better to wash things by hand or a washing bag should be used in the machine.

To wash things made of mohair, you need delicate special powders or gels marked “for wool”; dry cleaning is also suitable.

The washed thing is not unscrewed, but squeezed, straightened neatly on a flat surface and dried, after having laid a dry cotton cloth under it.

They store mohair sweaters and dresses folded and at the same time use a moth repellent in the closet where they lie.