Volgograd residents were told how to endure seasonal allergies easier

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August is the month when people experience an exacerbation of allergic reactions. How to alleviate their symptoms, read our material.

Most often, the allergy manifests itself to ragweed, wormwood and quinoa. It is also worth remembering that the aggravation of this problem in the last month of summer can also provoke a negative reaction of the body to other foods and cause cross-allergies, writes Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru.

For example, people with an allergy to wormwood may also have a negative reaction to calendula, poem, mother-and-machex, chicory. In addition, during an exacerbation, it is best not to consume sunflower oil and citrus fruits. But for those who suffer from an allergy to ragweed, it is better to refrain from using also sunflower oil, as well as bananas, melons, watermelons, pumpkins.

People with quinoa intolerance in August are better off not eating spinach and beets.

Along with the drugs that the doctor prescribes, you can also cope with allergies using folk methods. For example, a collection of viburnum flowers, a string leaf, sage inflorescences, wheatgrass roots, devila and salmon. Pour boiling water over four tablespoons of this mixture, after which it must be infused for eight hours. Take the remedy three times a day half an hour before meals.

Allergy sufferers are advised, if possible, to leave the house after rain and not to walk in sunny weather. In addition, it is important to ventilate the home at night, when the plant pollen is not very active. Windows and doors can be draped with a damp cloth or four-layer gauze.

The material is for informational purposes, contraindications are possible, consultation with a doctor is necessary.

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