Volgograd residents were told how to decipher youth slang

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It is often difficult for parents to understand their children: sometimes the slang of adolescents only vaguely resembles Russian. This is not a secret code and not parasitic words, but another round in the development of the language. A short educational program was conducted by Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru.

The language of young people is based on active borrowing of foreign words. Many of these lexemes have long penetrated into everyday life, for example, from the speech of programmers: for example, the verb “use” comes from the English use – to use. Such terms are much shorter and fully comply with the law of economy of speech efforts.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you take something from the youth dialect of the word into your arsenal. Basically, these are real foreign-language tracing papers, but with our endings. In addition to “yuzat”, something can be “checked” – to check (from the English Hater), allow the child to “chill” – to have a rest (from the English Chill). Of the adjectives, the words “creepy” and “krinjovy” – scary and shameful, have now gained special popularity.

All this Newspeak can be easily deciphered with the help of a Russian-English dictionary: we just take a foreign root and add a Russian ending.