Volgograd residents were told about the traditions of the Perm Komi

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In the Volgograd region today there are about 250 Komi-Permians. Vecherniy Volgograd.ru told about the culture of this people.

According to legends, the Permian Komi descend from the Chud warriors, whose names were Yuxia, Puksya, Chadz and Bach. Four settlements are named after them.

In the traditions of the Permians, religious beliefs and pagan rituals were mixed. So, the ritual holiday of the sun Gorku has been preserved. It lasts several weeks: after a long polar night, they gather at the highest place and wait for the sun to come. Since about the end of June, Turun vezhan luns (Day of grass change) have been celebrated, and before haymaking they gathered at Rechkei.

Traditionally, the Permian Komi were gatherers of berries, herbs and mushrooms, they were engaged in fishing and hunting. Any porridge was always served with cranberries, raspberries, lingonberries or cloudberries. For every holiday, fish pies and dumplings are always prepared. By the way, Perm dumplings believe that their dumplings are the tastiest, because the very word “pelmeni” is Permian Komi. The favorite filling for the dish was considered to be green radish with onions or black with bacon.

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