Volgograd residents named the rules of fishing with a rod

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Better to start with a regular float rod. This versatile tackle is suitable for both shore and boat fishing. You can catch both carp and perch on it, writes Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru.

For fishing you need a rod, fishing line, different floats, sinkers and hooks. When buying the latter, it is important to remember that small specimens are suitable for a small fish, and larger hooks are needed for a large one.

For animal baits, choose hooks with a long forend, and for barley or peas, attachments with a short forend are perfect.

To begin with, experts recommend purchasing inexpensive tackle, because of the damage of which it will not be too annoying.

As bait, you can use boiled barley, corn, tightly rolled crumb of bread, earthworms, bloodworms, maggots.

To choose the bait, you need to know what kind of fish is found in the reservoir.

A few simple rules will help even a novice angler not to leave without prey.

So, in windy weather, it is better to load the tackle a little more than usual so that the beginning of the antenna is in the water. So the waves will not interfere.

Remember that there are no universal attachments. If you buy a ready-made “universal bait” in the store, then study the question of which additives attract fish, for example, anise drops will attract bream.

By dropping the necessary essence on the bait, you will lure a certain fish into your nets.

In summer, fish bite better on vegetable bait, and in autumn and winter, animal bait is held in high esteem.

It is better to catch small fish with small pieces of bait, otherwise it will begin to pinch off a large piece, and it will not fall on the hook.

The weather is considered ideal for fishing when objects in the distance look like they are in a haze.

It is better to feed the fish in the reservoir in advance. So, in the river this should be done in half an hour, and in the lake – in the evening.

You need to be quiet when fishing, because the fish hears well.

If it does not bite for a long time, you can move the fishing rod a little so that the bait trembles a little.

Each reservoir has “fish” places: pools, protruding stones, trees hanging over the water.

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