Volgograd herbalist called healing fees in September

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Elena Kamalova goes to the meadows and forests like to a pharmacy: according to the Volgograd woman, all the necessary medicines can be found in nature. The herbalist told what medicinal plants should be collected in early autumn.

Volgogradka advises in no case to tear plants with bare hands, but to take scissors or secateurs with you. Collecting “medicines” in a natural first-aid kit is possible only away from settlements and roads.

“In the fall, they mainly harvest roots and rhizomes,” said Elena Kamalova in an interview with Krestyanskaya Zhizn.ru. – They need to be cleaned of soil and decaying parts cut off, rinsed in cold water and dried. For storage, canvas bags are suitable, you do not need to stack the material too tightly – the debate will begin. It is strictly forbidden to use cellophane bags, otherwise the herbs will “tan”.

The herbalist listed useful plants that would be easiest to find: mint, wormwood, thyme, chamomile, willow tea, nettle, clover, St. John’s wort, nettle and plantain.

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