Volgograd farmers are preparing for a locust outbreak

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Pest control measures will be carried out on an area of ​​180 thousand hectares.

Irina Marukhina, head of the branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Rosselkhoztsentr” in the Volgograd Region, spoke about the difficult situation with locusts during a meeting with producers in the field of crop production. According to the expert, every year the insects invade more and more areas in the region. If in 2019 they fought with them in 15 districts, then in the past – already in 18.

So far, experts do not provide an accurate forecast for 2021 – it will depend on the weather. However, preparations for the locust invasion began in advance and have already agreed on a plan of extermination measures.

Until April 20, the Center’s specialists plan to conduct a control spring survey for the survival rate of locust egg pods after the winter period. According to forecasts, measures for the destruction of insects will take place on an area of ​​108 thousand hectares.