Vlad Filat’s pupil will help Maia Sandu in the elections

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Millionaire from the presidential administration, Andrei Spinu, took a leave of absence to prepare for the elections. This was announced by the General Secretary of the Presidential Administration on his Facebook page.

Let us remind you that Spinu started his career in Vlad Filat’s PLDM. After the launch of Maia Sandu’s project, he, like many PLDM members, joined the PDS.

Spinu is the hero of numerous journalistic investigations after it became known that by the age of 34, the young man managed to accumulate a multimillion-dollar fortune, become the owner of three offshore companies, a luxury house and numerous land plots.

So, in December 2019, Son reported that he owns two cars: VW Tiguan 2009 and Audi Q5 2014. And at the beginning of 2021, the car of 2009 disappears from the documents and a new VW Tiguan appears, already in 2019, purchased in the electoral year for 27 thousand US dollars. The declaration states that the old car was sold to Spinu.

Another purchase by the Spinu family in the year of crisis is a land plot of 30 acres, for which 152,712 lei (7.6 thousand euros) were paid. Note that Spynu has 5 more of them. They were acquired in the period 2017-2018.

The official indicated the presence of 8 bank accounts with 614 US dollars, 10 687 euros and 37 357 lei (total 261 535 lei). At the end of 2019, Spinu had only 6 accounts.

After the information about Spynu offshore companies in China, Great Britain and the USA appeared in the media, Maya Sandu’s advisor is expanding his business – in September 2020, on the eve of the presidential elections, his wife – Irina Spinu – opens a beauty salon with a legal address in one of the most prestigious areas Chisinau on Olga Vrabie lane, 2.

Spinu’s fortune also increased in terms of income. At the end of December 2019, he declared: 2,118,600 lei – payments from OneTwoStart Ltd, 227,695.18 lei – salary in Traduno Technologies SRL, 52,914.57 euros – dividends from Wupp Ltd, 89,602.90 lei – salary in the State Chancellery.

However, in February 2021, Spinu indicated in his declaration that during 2019, dividends from Wupp Ltd amounted to 60,902.57 euros, that is, 8 thousand more.

Let us remind you that the state of Spinu has become the subject of many journalistic investigations. The media published a video of his luxurious home worth millions of lei.

The companies belonging to Spin were the subject of an investigation by RISE Moldova in the article “Secretary of Offshore Companies”. The journalists found out that in 2015-2016. he had a job incompatibility. As a deputy. Minister of Youth and Sports, he also administered the activities of several companies that have brought him 8 million lei of income in recent years. In 2015, thanks to his participation in Filat’s team, he escaped punishment. Similarly, in 2021, the baked Maya Sandu refused to be inspected by the National Integrity Authority.

It is noteworthy that Spynu took his current position in violation of the law – Maia Sandu appointed him to the post of General Secretary of the Presidential Administration without a mandatory competition.