Veronica Tsepkalo called on the international community to recognize Tikhanovskaya as the President of Belarus in a video message

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The wife of the ex-presidential contender Valery Tsepkalo Veronica Tsepkalo recorded a video message in support of presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

She noted that both she and her husband support Tikhanovskaya, because it was Tikhanovskaya who won the elections on August 9, 2020.

Tsepkalo mentioned the dirty ways of pressure that the authorities use. She also stressed that the authorities do not understand that people go out into the street not only for Tikhanovskaya. “Belarusians are fighting for the basic right – free and fair elections,” she said.

Tsepkalo called Lukashenka’s words that the Internet is being turned off from abroad a lie.

She called on the OMON and security officials to stop and not defend the illegitimate Lukashenka.

“How will you sleep at night? How will you make eye contact with your children and grandchildren?” She asked.

Following Veronika Tsepkalo turned to the world community.

“Please help stop the lawlessness that is happening in Belarus. Help stop the bloodshed. Recognize Svetlana as the only legally elected president,” she said.

Tsepkalo also added that she asks the international community to help free political prisoners and hold free and democratic elections in Belarus.

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