Velikie Luki reached the COVD plateau

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Velikie Luki reached a plateau in terms of the increase in new cases of coronavirus. The increase in the number of COVID-patients has stopped, the head of the city Nikolai Kozlovsky said on his Instagram account.

He also expressed the opinion that such a situation became possible not only thanks to the conscientiousness of the great guests, but also due to the introduction of early holidays in the region, as well as the limitation of the hours of catering during the New Year holidays. And although in the city on Lovati, according to Nikolai Kozlovsky, not a single school and kindergarten are quarantined, the incidence rates are still high.

“In total, over 5,000 patients diagnosed with coronavirus infection have been registered in the city of Velikiye Luki since the spread of the new coronavirus infection. At present, 914 people with COVID are on outpatient treatment, six of them are children, ”the head of the city shared statistics.

In this regard, he urged residents of the municipality to strictly comply with the regulations of Rospotrebnadzor, and then separately appealed to employers, asking them to temporarily refuse to hold meetings with their subordinates or move the discussion of pressing problems online.

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