Tips for Finding Vegan Food in Orlando 

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By Riley

Orlando is widely known as one of the world’s top destinations for theme parks under summer skies or also one of the best places to the eat great food. Like many tourist towns across America where plant-based diets are becoming mainstream, so does Orlando, whose restaurant choices are as diverse as its rides.  

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the Orlando and are just passing through—locating vegan meals in Orlando there turns out to the be quite an adventurous experience, an real treasure hunt. So, just like visiting Walt Disney World Resort, let us consider tips to the make this search for vegan delicacies fun! 

Research Ahead of Time 

When it comes to looking for incredible vegan food, planning is a must. Fortunately, the age of digitization has made this easier than before. For instance, Happy Cow, Yelp, or Google Maps are some websites or apps that can help us.  

Through them, we are shown photos of different meals served, and their reviews indicate what other people think about such places, hence offering directions to where you can get similar dishes. Make sure to save some addresses on your browser before going, creating guidelines for you during this search. Believe me; doing little research will prevent many hangry ages! 

Visit Vegan-Friendly Neighborhoods 

There are many neighborhoods in the Orlando that are typically vegan. Mills 50 is a bright community famous for the various kinds of the cafes. In the neighborhood, you can find numerous vegan delicacies.  

Winter Park has this, to, with multiple places where people can eating vegan dishes while leisurely walk through beautiful shops and relaxing in the parks. Besides providing delicious meals, these areas have nice settings where people can stroll without hurry. 

Check Out Vegan Restaurants 

Orlando is home to the many vegan eateries targeted at the satisfying your needs perfectly regarding food. Below are an few places worth checking out:  

1. Ethos Vegan Kitchen: Having been around for some time, Ethos has cemented itself as the leading choice for sheer tasty comfort foods ranging from hot soups to yummy treats.  

2. Dixie Dharma: Situated at the Market on South, where they sell marijuana edibles, forget about non-vegetarian food because you will be served southern-infused vegan meals.  

3. Loving Hut: This chain of eateries is found worldwide, and Loving Hut is running in Orlando as one outlet among many others of its kind in different countries with varied options of restaurants. 

Each place has a unique vibe and menu, making it worth a visit (or two). 

Explore Non-Vegan Restaurants with Vegan Options 

Don’t limit yourself to exclusively vegan restaurants. Many non-vegan establishments in Orlando offer impressive vegan menus. Here are a few tips for finding the best food in Orlando.  

  • Look for restaurants with a reputation for accommodating dietary restrictions. 
  • Don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask about vegan options. 
  • Check out menus online before you go. 

Restaurants like Hawkers Asian Street Fare and Se7en Bites have earned kudos for their tasty vegan dishes despite not being entirely vegan themselves. 

Utilize Social Media and Local Vegan Groups 

Social media is your friend when it comes to finding vegan food. Follow local vegan Instagram accounts, join Facebook groups, and keep an eye on hashtags like #OrlandoVegan.  

These platforms are great for discovering new spots, getting honest reviews, and even finding exclusive deals. Engaging with the local vegan community can provide insider tips and make your food adventures even more rewarding. 

Attend Vegan Events and Markets 

Orlando hosts several vegan events and markets throughout the year. These are perfect opportunities to sample a variety of vegan foods in one place. Events like the Central Florida Veg Fest and the Orlando Vegan Market feature numerous vendors offering everything from gourmet meals to vegan ice cream. These events also provide a chance to meet fellow vegans and learn more about the lifestyle. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask 

If you have no idea what to do at any time, just ask! If you tell the restaurants clearly what food fits you, they will not fear responding. It is not strange to request vegan options or modifications to meals that can be made better.  

You could eat yummy vegan food in Orlando by talking nicely to a waiter/lady. Orlando has a lot of vegan options available to those who are searching for them. They range from specially made vegan meals to vegan-friendly places within the city’s boundaries, including suburbs. 


Finding vegan food in Orlando is easier than ever with a bit of planning and a spirit of adventure. From dedicated vegan restaurants to vegan-friendly neighborhoods and events, the city has a lot to offer. So, grab your fork and dive into Orlando’s vibrant vegan scene. Happy eating!